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Open CV with Java | For FRC Vision

Started by alexgt, June 03, 2016, 11:53:23 am

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So I have been tasked with making vision work well and very smoothly in the off-season. I will be using the Open CV library and coding in Java, has anyone had experience with using Open CV?


Ive taken a look at it some time ago but didn't really use it. What kind of program are you to make?
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On the field there is always some reflective tape that you can shine a light on so it contrasts better, if you can recognize these objects then you can compensate for regularities on Autonomous mode and in Teleop Mode (Autonomous mode is when the robot drives it self and Teleop is when the driver drives). This year there was tape around an opening that we had to shoot through to get points and a lot of teams used turrets to always be aimed at the target.

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