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Velocity Games is changing

During the next few months, we will be working on updating parts of our website.

At first, most of the changes will be invisible, internal changes. When all the internal parts are ready, then we will start adding new features based on them.

Since most of the new features are still in a planning phase, we prefer to keep the details secret for now. If everything goes as planned, then this should make our site into a more unique experience that can be used for more than just a platform on which we share the games we make.

Unfortunately, working on the website can cause it to be less stable. We'll still try our best to keep downtimes at a minimum, but if something does get messed up, then at least you know what caused it.

We'll keep you guys updated once the new features are ready.

DJ Omnimaga:
Will there be changes to the SMF install? I am curious about what will be the changes. Just make sure to not push alpha or even pre-alpha versions of your site to the public as replacement to fully-working builds, though. That can be annoying for users >.< (it's usually better to allow users to opt out or only offer the new site as test)

Once we're done with these updates, SMF will probably be removed completely (though we might keep a read-only version of the old forum online).

The updates will largely fall into 3 categories:
The first cathegory is the forum. The forum will be replaced by a system that functions more like a blog. It is intended to be an easy to use and better platform to post about projects (with features such as the ability to post as a group, and each member of the group can post in the blog and edit posts there). A forum-like system will probably also still be present, but probably based more on tags than on full boards, so that it is easier to order topics based on personal preference.
The 2nd category is a social aspect. Instead of just using our website as a platform to release our games, we'll try to turn it into a place where gamers can meet eachother. There will be stuff like a system to find friends for co-op games. The system will be focussed on meeting strangers (but not random like Omegle). We have some cool ideas for this system, but since almost all of it is still in planning stage, we prefer to keep the details to ourselves for now.
The final category is internal stuff to make those systems possible.

@Jokeriske already programmed the new account system and a part of the blog/forum system. I'm still in Thailand for 2 weeks, but after that I should have time to work on the website too. For now, those systems are in a hidden folder on our website, and they will remain hidden untill they're either ready or untill we do a beta test. After that, the main problem would be getting enough people to join to make the social parts work.

This is going to be a fun adventure of programming, i'm excited to work on this project.

DJ Omnimaga:
I hope you keep the old posts or convert them to blog topics with comments. I think it might be a good move to move away from forums, though. I might be biased since I run a forum but a lot of smaller sites that starts side by side with larger ones tend to not have an high level of activity, so the move to a blog to showcase people projects and such things might help making it stand out. The tag thing is something I wanted to implement on CW but we would still keep the forum system (just that it would work closer to PICO-8 forums rather than a traditional bulletin board, and we would keep the bulletin board system in place as an option for people who don't like the new system).

As for the random stranger thing, yeah it's a good move to not go full Omegle, else get ready for massive troll influxes. >.<


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