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Tau N Pi - "Day N Night" Parody/Remix [acapella] [autotune] [melodyne] [parody]

Started by JWinslow23, May 13, 2016, 02:18:19 am

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TRIGGER WARNING! Contains references to tau (= 2pi = 6.28...)

Quite a while ago, I made a parody of "Day N Night" by Kid Cudi, all about the virtues of the number tau, using Melodyne to tune my vocals to sound like the original. I think the result was pretty nice. Some lyrics sound cringy to myself, but that's just me.

The raw vocal clips are in these links, if you wanna torture yourself with them.

If you want the edited vocal track, here it is, but in reverse, because it sounds cooler that way.


Nice job! Tomorrow I will piss of my math teacher with saying Tau is better :trollface:

DJ Omnimaga

Wow that actually turned out quite well and your singing is good. What it needs is $1000-3000 recording equipment (aka not a webcam/mic) then it's perfect :)

DJ Omnimaga

You and Tau :P (but again Tau name is cooler than Pi :P).

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