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Should we do community news? (eg Nspire downgrades, major releases, etc)

Started by DJ Omnimaga, December 28, 2014, 12:19:47 pm

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Yes or no?


DJ Omnimaga

Since this is supposed to be a programming team for the time being, my initial goal was to at least make news about our own material and site updates, but nowadays, the only site to have smaller news like Nspire downgrades is TI-Planet (they are the only ones to have newsed about OS 3.9.1 downgrade, for example). So far, our only community news plans were to be Project Periodical.

I don't really want to take on the job of news editor again because it's too tedious, but with our "ADD TO ARTICLES" feature, we can promote topics to front page in two clicks now. Do you think we should have some major news or should we just stick to Project Periodical? (Which mostly covers projects)


I think we should, but I'll do it. I need this experience stuff. the only problem for me at least is that a lot of this stuff sources at Ti-Planet, which means I have to translate. Fine by me, but it might take a bit longer.
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DJ Omnimaga

Ti-Planet news are also in English unless you use IE6 or if they are academic :P

That said, since you are only online an hour or two per day (according to Telegram activity) and sometimes only once, due to limited internet/computer access at home, I might actually do it anyway if it's really important stuff like an anti-downgrade, in case you have to wait for a few days, since that's stuff that wouldn't be posted monthly like Project Periodical, but rather immediately.


We should mainly announce our own projects and findings, but yeah, if there's stuff lacking on the other websites we can always mention stuff here, without being redundant.
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The minimum is to news about stuff that happens here. We can also do quick news about what happens everywhere else but these should be small announcements I guess.

DJ Omnimaga

Yeah I was contemplating keeping those announcments small, like Slashdot, for example. And if it's another user that posts about it, all we do is click "ADD TO ARTICLE" then it will be front-paged.

Regular members can also add stuff to the front page, but it needs to be approved by a moderator/admin and they need 5 or 20 posts to do so.

That said, in order to focus on our own stuff, we need our own stuff in the first place. *cough*Herocore/Pokespire/etc*cough*my HP game*cough* ;)


I think the way to go is publish our own stuff, and things we find on the web that aren't on other sites. Maybe for the things that are on other sites already, we could do a Community News Roundup every now and then?
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DJ Omnimaga

We got  Project Periodical that could work for that, although sometimes some stuff might be urgent, like warning people about anti-downgrades so they won't upgrade. Or you can pester Omni and ticalc staff to do it on their site but if they're busy or don't think it's newsworthy, then by the time it's front-paged the next PP from pimath will be out. :P


Haha yes I think that major things like new OS versions, Ndless, atomic strikes, etcetera should be at least notified of.
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Same here. We could showcase some community stuff every once in a while. Especially since we apparently grew much bigger then we'd expected lol.

DJ Omnimaga

Yeah true. There is some potential for getting more traffic too as a result of the activity, although it would definitively require the site to be linked at more places for that. For example, right now if you type the site name in Google it only shows up on the 2nd page.


I want to vote "yes" but for some reason I don't think I can vote...
Am I doing something wrong?  ???
Also where is the nspire downgrade. I saw it somewhere but I can't find it now...
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DJ Omnimaga

I think you need 20 posts to vote in polls and rate posts. This was a spam protection because of what happened to the 2010 Omnimaga contest.


Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on January 06, 2015, 10:28:31 pm
I think you need 20 posts to vote in polls and rate posts. This was a spam protection because of what happened to the 2010 Omnimaga contest.

I can't vote either, so it might be more than 20 posts to vote.
Anyway war sucks. Just bring us your food instead of missiles  :P ~ DJ Omnimaga (11.10.2016 20:21:48)

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