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TI announces TI-84 Plus CE Gold & White Limited Edition calculators

Started by DJ Omnimaga, May 10, 2016, 07:42:54 pm

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DJ Omnimaga

If you don't have a TI-84 Plus CE yet or want to increase your collection, then around Back-to-school 2016 Texas Instruments will release gold and white editions of the calculator and they look quite nice. :D

The gold one (Golden Ratio) has a metallic feel like the HP Prime, but gold instead of gray of course. The White one (Bright White) is very reminiscent of Apple devices. They have the same features as the other TI-84 Plus CE colors.

They are limited editions, so you will need to be quick before they are gone. You can subscribe via e-mail to get notified of their availability this Summer

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Meanwhile, TI-84 Plus CE programming, ranging from shells and libraries to games, is still going strong in the community, including on CW, so make sure to stay in touch with the latest projects on a regular basis!


That sounds cool. I don't think I will be able to get one. I am saving for a smartphone...

DJ Omnimaga

Well, if you are lucky, then maybe you could get a phone plan with rebates that includes the phone :P. But yeah I can understand. The TI-84+CE is about $130 in USA and some stores charges $150 for it IIRC. I like collecting calculators but I already have a TI-84+CE so I'll pass on this one.


Yeah, and I have some debt so I don't even think I will have upwards of 100$ at the end of the summer xD (unless I get a job)


I don't really like how flashy the gold one looks. I'd like a metallic black version (like, brushed black aluminium, that would be cool). The white version looks nice but the color will probably dull quite quickly.
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Can't say the gold looks very appealing to me, and I agree that the white seems like fingerprints will soon make that thing turn gray/yellow.

DJ Omnimaga

I don't know but I actually like the gold one. Maybe it might get boring over time, though. I would most likely choose the white one.


I'd choose the gold. I still like the black around the screen, and the white would be too hard to keep clean. ;D
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The answer is "Sure."

DJ Omnimaga

To be honest I doubt keeping the white one clear should be an issue, because it seems like it has a glossy texture, unlike the old TI-83+, 83+SE, 84+ and 84+SE, which didn't. So there are less chances I think to see the plastic become yellow over time, unless they really messed up like Nintendo did with the SNES plastic.


Man, do I want the gold one...

* Unicorn looks at his black one

??? ??? ??? ??? ???


Quote from: Unicorn on May 18, 2016, 05:07:13 am
Man, do I want the gold one...

* Unicorn looks at his black one

Thats what he sad : P

I do to though :P

DJ Omnimaga

So the gold and white calculators are now available for sale. However, in Staples Canada, they only have the gold model and it,s $11 higher than the regular models <_<

TI-83+ $143
TI-84+ $160
TI-84+CE $179
Gold TI-84+CE $190
TI-89T $180
TI-Nspire CX $180
TI-Nspire CX CAS $199
fx-9750GII $70
fx-9860GII $100
fx-CG10 $130
fx-CP400 $178

All prices are in Canadian dollars, which is why they're so high. $1.00 CAD == $0.00 USD :P


I can't find it now, but @KermMartian made a tweet about BrandonW not being able to collect all the CE calculators when the gold one was given away at T^3, I guess he was wrong :P

DJ Omnimaga

Wait, did Brandon get the gold calculator for free? O.O

Also I should have waited a few months before buying my CE. I got it on some site for $130 but it was in USD dollar excluding shipping. With shipping and exchange rate I ended up paying $200 CAD. Only a few months later, the calc arrived at local stores and Staples had it on sale for $130 CAD ($150 with taxes) and now with taxes and exchange rate it's worth $200 CAD. That was a short window where I could have saved $50.

Purchasing a Premium CE was out of the question because even though the calculator was much cheaper in France, shipping would have offset the cost way too much. (I think one site charged close to 40 euros for shipping)

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