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Project Pictures [SUGGESTION]

Started by p4nix, May 10, 2016, 04:22:32 pm

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On the home site we have a small text about codewalr.us with the heading 'Welcome to Codewalr.us!' - why not make the project pictures link to the according project threads instead of to https://codewalr.us/index.php?action=forum ? I think that would be quite nice.


That is a good idea p4nix ;)

DJ Omnimaga

For that I would need to find a way to create a link map, because if I separate each picture I am unable to control on how many lines they wrap up on mobile view and I don't want them on more than two lines.


Well, I think it's a little bit disappointing finding out there are clickable but don't link to the right thread. So I really hope you find a way to achieve my suggestion, but otherwise it won't kill anyone so it doesn't really matter :P

DJ Omnimaga

Yeah I made them link to the board index for now because we have multiple sub-forums.

But yeah the issue right now is really mobile-friendliness. Mobile text and images gets resized automatically based on screen resolution or dpi I think and as a result, the images would wrap on multiple lines and span several lines. I don't want to force people to scroll through 9 lines of screenshots just to get to the site content, so the only solution is an image link map but I don't know if it would work as intended due to the aforementioned viewport thing.

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