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Telegram bots

Started by Yuki, July 06, 2015, 08:11:10 am

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What I mean is that when people send Walrii stickers on Telegram, I could make it detect them and convert them to the appropriate smiley for OIRC. Ideally the new stack will support stickers in the native client.

DJ Omnimaga

Ah thanks for explaining further. I wasn't sure.

DJ Omnimaga

By the way @Juju and @Streetwalrus there is massive lag (over 30 seconds and sometimes up to 2 minutes) before lines from WalrusIRC appears in Telegram and vice-versa. Some even didn't appear at all on Telegram.


Hmm that's odd, it's not happening now.
Btw, I run the new bot and have full control over it now. :P


Yeah, I no longer have anything to do with it now.
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Might be a good idea to give you guys access just in case, it's on @aeTIos's server.


I'll leave that to you.
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