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Stand our Ground, by Albion & Tharotia (power metal)

Started by DJ Omnimaga, April 22, 2016, 07:40:00 am

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DJ Omnimaga

This is a new song by Albion (older members probably remembers him) and Tharotia, which I just stumbled upon before going to bed. Unlike most of his previous work which had a 16-bits feel, this song uses real guitars and vocals, while being true to Albion's style.

You should listen to it if you like power metal. :3=


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DJ Omnimaga

Yeah same. I hope it comes to fruition. He isn't into music as much nowadays but I'm glad he still does some from time to time


Albion? Albion as in Britannia? 
That's a creative name!

DJ Omnimaga

I think it's in reference to some old RPG or characterfrom an RPG. He also made nice games like Crystal Towers 2 on Steam under his DavidXNewton alias

DJ Omnimaga

April 29, 2016, 06:25:13 am #6 Last Edit: April 29, 2016, 06:28:27 am by DJ Omnimaga
OMG *.*

omg I can't wait for this album

This track is a preview of multiple upcoming tracks that will be on this album.

-Total Eclipse: From the preview, this sounds very true to older Albion stuff (the non-Bandcamp stuff from 2003-05)
-The Poison Skies: My favorite track so far. Totally power metal with some 80's hard rock influence in the melody.
-Rescue Me: This one is by Kalante, but the style overall totally sounds like 2007-12 Albion
-Out in the Wilds: Not as much of a fan of this one, but it reminds me a lot from the slower Sonata Arctica. My favorite part is the solo.
-What Kind of God : Absolutely epic (starts like Albion classics, then when the harpiscord part starts and especially after, it truly gets to another level)
-The Tribe: Kinda strange song, for some reasons it has a bit of a Christmas vibe, but it's still fun to listen to.

That makes me wish there was a cover band that had a keyboardist and played his music live. That would definitively be a show I would attend. O.O


Albian was the greek (?) name for Britannia a while back.
("A while back" = BC :P )

DJ Omnimaga

DJ Omnimaga

OMG the album is out! O.O

I'm gonna listen now and probably write some comments later. :3=

DJ Omnimaga

So on Twitter Albion said a new album is on the way. I dunno if it's another collab and if it uses Modplug or real instruments, though. I can't wait, though.

In the meantime, he also posted this on his furry page: A Modplug prototype of Life before Death (basically, a song from The Poison Skies, but in the style of the album Unreality and Signal from the Sky):

Also this (I'm not as much into this one due to the style being far less melodic than his usual stuff but it's a cover of a Lion KIng song from the Sega Genesis game

Also I wonder how I missed this one (I heard another version at different pitch with no lyrics, IIRC). I'll have to check my music folder.

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