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New TI-Nspire CX CR4 now has internal screws with impossible to open case

Started by DJ Omnimaga, April 22, 2016, 04:58:42 am

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DJ Omnimaga

We are a bit late on this because our source posted this news on April 1st and I had a similar, but unused April Fools joke idea a few years ago, but this ended up being real news after all. Three weeks ago, TI-Planet made a new discovery about the TI-Nspire CX hardware referred to as CR4 in the TI community, which notably has a new LCD that required Ndless to introduce a compatibility layer to allow old programs to run on the new calculators. Remember how older hardware revisions had screws inside the battery compartment to let you open the calculator? Well, now if you check the following picture, you'll notice that they're missing:

In fact, those screws are still there, but they're now internal. Not only that, but the motherboard is now internally screwed under both the faceplate and the back cover.

In other words, good luck opening those new TI-Nspire CX calculators, because TI really no longer wants you to do so. If you somehow decide to do it anyway (at your own risk, because you risk damaging your calculator) and end up being successful, you can be assured that there will be some visible cosmectic damage on the calculator case.

It is possible that TI has done this in order to prevent students from tampering with the exam LED, in time for the 2018 change in regulations for French exams, which requires all calculator models to include an exam LED.

Source: (a tutorial to open those new calculators is available in this post, but it's only in French.)


But fortunately, TI did post a picture on Twitter, which helped us understanding how to open TI-Nspire CX CR4 :

It's showing the last assembly step.
So just start by removing the sticked screen+touchpad faceplate, and you'll just find both new internal screws below it.

Doing this may result in some cosmetic damage, like with the HP-48 and its internal rivets.

Source :

DJ Omnimaga

Oh, that's nice of them. :P  . Thanks for the tutorial and link, though :)

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