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Caleb's Art Thread

Started by Caleb Hansberry, April 01, 2016, 10:41:25 pm

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DJ Omnimaga

I actually like the style. Did you use water paint plus graphite pencil?

Caleb Hansberry

Well, not really, it's made digitally, so I used the pencil tool plus the paintbrush tool in GIMP on Windows XP.

DJ Omnimaga

Ah I see. It looked like it was hand drawn with water paint and graphite pencil. It's cool that we can create such effects with software. :)

Caleb Hansberry

DJ Omnimaga

For some reasons this reminds me of some SNES music in terms of style, as well as old rock. I like how it sounds :)

Caleb Hansberry

Selfie I put more time into than I should have, hope you like it:

Caleb Hansberry

Stayed up til 4am drawing this. I used a different picture as a reference, so it's not totally my work, but I still did a lot and like it.


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