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Unicorn's C Questions and Stuff [C] [Help]

Started by Unicorn, August 05, 2016, 05:33:34 am

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Yes, tilemaps are implemented very nicely and are insanely customizable using the C libraries. This makes them somewhat difficult to understand without too much documentation, but basically you can draw foreground tiles over a predrawn background tilemap using the two different tilemap drawing functions. It also supports arbitrary powers of 2 for the width and height of tiles, in addition to drawing locations. Enjoy, and it is all about the exploration of what is available. I can still hardly believe how much there is. :)


So, @MateoConLechuga,  if I am going to create a tilemap using an editor, what format should I save it in? Base64, CSV, XML? Those are just formats that I saw Tiled had as options.

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