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AVGN II Assimilation (AVGN Adventures sequel?)

Started by DJ Omnimaga, March 14, 2016, 05:18:33 am

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DJ Omnimaga

March 14, 2016, 05:18:33 am Last Edit: March 14, 2016, 05:21:04 am by DJ Omnimaga
So there will be a sequel or at least a new game in the AVGN Adventures series, coming out on March 29th:

I might buy it, but I didn't buy the original yet, so maybe I'll wait in case there's a Steam sale with both games at some point. But I thought I would share this for people who like 2D platformer games. Like the original, I think this one will also pay hommage to crappy 8-bit games that AVGN reviewed, as well as the big classics.

Also the music in the first game was epic O.O

I wonder if this new game will have references to Hong Kong 97, Big Rigs and stuff...


Oooh, a sequel to the AVGN game? I didn't tried the first one either but it looks as crazy as the first. Looks pretty hard, too, I'm not sure I'd be able to go past the first level :P
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DJ Omnimaga

Yeah, the games were designed to be extremely hard. The high difficulty was also one factor that made me reluctant about buying it. I'm ok for physical retro games but otherwise I tend to not want to pay much if I know I'll only be able to access 1 level.

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