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CHIP-8 emulator

Started by Ivoah, February 23, 2016, 03:51:04 AM

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DJ Omnimaga

Quote from: aeTIos on March 03, 2016, 11:24:20 PM
Quote from: Ivoah on February 24, 2016, 02:46:57 AM
Quote from: Dudeman313 on February 24, 2016, 02:33:42 AM
Too bad DJ is so far from you. He could send you his CE. Or, you could always try GoFundme. What never worked for me might work for you... ;)

Actually, DJ only lives ~6 hours away from me.
You know your country is too big when you think 6 hours is close. Anything over 20 minutes away is far in my book. 6 hours gets me to france, dammit!
Yeah lol in Europe anyone can travel to any country in just a few hours in car. Canada and USA are just too big lol. BUt at least it's good that some people live close to me, if they ever want to visit me up there one Summer :P

Also yeah we should get back on topic. I wonder if the CSE would be fast enough for such emulator?


Definitely, the CHIP-8 has been emulated on a commodore 64 :P
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DJ Omnimaga

But the CSE has that horribly slow LCD, though. It takes 0.25 seconds to draw a 320x240 filled rectangle in pure ASM. So a CHIP-8 emulator running in half-res mode would run at 8 FPS max if it needs to update the entire screen every frame, unless scanlines were used.


@Ivoah , how's this going so far?
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The answer is "Sure."

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