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Clouttery - the smart, cross-platform battery monitor

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I talked about this yesterday in the chat, and it generated quite a bit of discussion, so I thought it was worth a forum topic. Lucky CodeWalrus is the first forum to get a topic about...

Clouttery, the smart, cloud-enabled battery monitor which works with every device! (hopefully, one day)

Clouttery currently:

* Lets you know the battery levels and charging status of your devices, from a single place, even if they are miles away
* Stores and displays the battery history for those devices
* Optionally notifies you whenever the battery level of a device goes below or above a certain threshold (when discharging/charging, respectively)
* Calculates statistics for the batteries, such as charge cycles and calibration count
* Analyses the battery history and lets you know about potentially damaging usage patterns
It's currently available for Windows and Android, has a Chrome extension, and a web console. The Windows client provides some extra perks, like the ability to show battery percentage and remaining time in the system tray, as well as computation of the remaining time on computers where Windows does not provide it. The Android app also provides battery life estimates, separate from those calculated by certain Android versions.

Clients for more operating systems and platforms are planned; the intention is to support everything, from laptops to embedded devices ("IoT", if you prefer fancy terms), and provide a good user experience across all platforms. The idea is to integrate well with each platform, providing a UI that is recognizable across all of them, and yet doesn't look too far off from the platform's design guidelines.

Some screenshots:
(if the images look "zoomed in", it's because my computer has DPI scaling set to 125%. It's also good news: it means the Windows client supports DPI scaling!)

Web interface:

Windows client:

Android client:

In the future, Clouttery shall:

* Learn about the battery consumption habits of your gadgets and learn/be taught about your needs, so it can plan ahead of you ("If you want to have your phone usable by 6 pm, you need to stop playing games now. Oh, and enable the battery saver")
* Detect and warn about malfunctioning/dead batteries
* Deal with multiple batteries per device (especially important on devices with multiple detachable batteries, like some convertible laptops)
* Deal with dumb devices that have a (mostly) constant battery drain over time, such as clocks and smoke detectors, reminding you to change their batteries - this would require having the user tell Clouttery whenever batteries are changed
* ...and more stuff that's a secret for now (even managing to implement all of the above would be quite a feat)
Clouttery currently serves well the following kinds of users:

* Users who own many devices with Internet access (like a bunch of Android devices for software testing);
* People who forget to charge a phone after e.g. leaving it for a couple of days on some desk (used to happen to me during holidays)
* People who would like to get more detailed statistics about the batteries of their gadgets, or who generally like fancy graphs
* Users who just want the battery percentage on the system tray (yes, some people install it just for this).
I plan to offer a free basic plan for this service, then have plans at multiple price tiers with monthly or yearly billing. The more expensive the plan, the more features it has, the more devices it supports, etc.

But the good news is, a public beta-testing program is ongoing, and everyone who joins this program, and keeps being an active user until it ends, gets free Clouttery for life! Being a beta-tester requires keeping in touch with me in order to know the latest news and install the latest updates, and of course communicate any bugs and give suggestions. The Windows client updates automatically, so it means eating running whatever is shoved down the update line (but don't worry, everything is tested in at least two computers before).

If you are interested in participating, start here:

Everyone else, feel free to comment!

I'm definitively interested and I like the idea. :) For me it might be mainly useful when game consoles and calcs are supported, since I  own a PSP,  PSVita and TI-Nspire CX that can remain unused for weeks then go from 100% charge to 0% in half that time. I might submit an application to beta-test, but I'm pretty busy lately.

I may need to open the API at some point, because there's no way the few devs at Segvault alone are going to be able to develop clients for all those platforms.

It's probably better for us to focus on the major, widely known and used operating systems first, like Windows, Android, Linux, OSX and iOS, etc. and then get to gaming consoles, and finally take care of more niche platforms like calculators. Unless there's a big amount of calc users that wouldn't mind paying for Clouttery, we're generally headed where the money is - you probably understand, running a service like this comes at a cost to us.

Nice! If you go offline(like for a phone) does it sync when it goes back online?
Just signed up for it--Can't wait to get it!

Yes, both the Windows and Android clients do that. They were built  so that going offline is not a problem - on the Android and Windows clients, you will be able to see the most recently obtained data since you went offline, provided you don't close the app. Obviously, certain operations always need an Internet connection.

I will send you an email in a few minutes.


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