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Shogun - A dead simple build system based on Ninja

Started by Streetwalrus, February 18, 2016, 04:03:53 pm

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I grew tired of writing makefiles and I couldn't find a single build system that aimed to be minimalist and had decent scripting support. Ninja does the former but doesn't implement the latter on its own by design so I wrote the complementary part.


I hacked this together in a few hours so it's not perfect but I can already build a project of mine with it and it works great.


Nice! I saw "Shogun" and thought of the restaurant, and then saw the rest and was like, "Oh. :P"
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The answer is "Sure."


Ha, that's really cool. That oughta speed up building things a lot :)
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Well, the main point is to make it easier to write build scripts. Ninja is definitely faster than make though.

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