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News editors

Started by Streetwalrus, February 13, 2016, 07:40:05 pm

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We finally decided it was time to have dedicated news editors on the forum. We are aware that some people are willing to write periodic news or just standalone articles more often than we actually post things on the front page. That's why we are now introducing the News editor group, which grants the ability to post news to the front page without going through a moderator.

The first member to be granted this privilege is @pimathbrainiac with his monthly project recap. Thanks for writing these, pi.

Applications are more or less open, the only requirement is to prove that you can write quality articles that can be posted on the front page. If you already have 2-3 approved articles, you're pretty much eligible for the job. Of course we prefer quality over quantity so we don't want you to write 10 articles a day, more like 2-3 a week. :)

DJ Omnimaga

That is a good move I think, other than me having gotten an hard time finding a new color for that group <_<. Also yeah we tend to let big articles stay at the top for longer, or a week for CW contest news, so they get the visibility they deserve.

Technically, every single member who got enough posts (I think 20 or 100?) can add articles but they require approval, and we don't have a new articles notification system so we might not see them >.<


Looking forward to helping out with the news articles here as well! Thanks for the opportunity, guys!
Well, I'm bach here too!


Nice! I might try doing something like it, but
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By the way guys, I have created a news request form for those of you who aren't admins to request news:

I (should) get email notifications about this, by the way, so my time to get back to you should be fairly short.
Well, I'm bach here too!

DJ Omnimaga

You should probably let us know about the content of the submissions sometimes, though, in case you get busy and don't have time to process all requests.


I just added a "News drafts" board under site discussion that is only accessible to news editors and staff since it can help plan out articles before publishing.

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