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Interactive Joke Thread

Started by alexgt, January 26, 2016, 02:35:52 am

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I know there is already a joke thread made by @Unicorn but it isn't for interactive joke (ex: a knock knock joke where other people guess who :P)

Here is the starter:
Why did the :walrii: cross the road?


Duh. To find his wife. :wa1rii:
Does this qualify as a signature? 
The answer is "Sure."


Because he was not killed by a car.
To prove that the street was not a Möbius strip.
Because he was a j-walker.
Because the road crossed under him.
Because you pressed the forwards key.
Because his two dimentional body intersected with the plane of the third dimensional road.
Because THE GAME
Because he wanted to get to the other side :P


Nope! To get to some awesome people!

Knock knock.


Does this qualify as a signature? 
The answer is "Sure."


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