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[x-post] I made an Android game :)

Started by James Oldiges, January 29, 2016, 06:31:45 am

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That's unrelated, the problems with some programs not running properly in emulators is because they don't accurately emulate a hardware feature the program relies on. For game maker, it depends on the Android port of the library being bug free or having the same bugs as the PC port. If it doesn't work properly they can fix it.

DJ Omnimaga

Ah ok. But yeah I saw this happen in the past. I guess it depends of bugs. That said I am looking at another engine right now, which is called Solarus. I need to check if it's like RPG Maker where we can write a game without writing a single line of code or if it's just like Unreal Engine but for 2D action-RPGs.

Do you plan to make updates for your snake game Happybobjr?

James Oldiges

You know how i flit from one project to the next.

Once I finish up the AI for my card game, I'll probably start cleaning up the snake game.  Advisor said that I should have a min of 3 pieces of software for my resume, so just chunking the core codes first.

DJ Omnimaga

Something I am curious about is if managers check out the quality of softwares featured on someone's resume. Do they just check if you have some programming experience (which, for example, this game would showcase), or do the games have to rival big franchises in quality (eg a full Final Fantasy XIII clone)? In any case, I can't wait for more games from you :)


If only I raised more than $0 on my GoFundme for an android phone...
I'd play this if I could. Maybe I could try BlueStacks.
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