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Walrii can now speak! (CW Youtube splash screen + sound)

Started by DJ Omnimaga, December 16, 2014, 06:18:48 am

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DJ Omnimaga

Walrii can now speak! Never before will you have seen a walrus speak like that :D

(even baby walruses can't speak this high :P)

If you can figure out a longer audio that doesn't sound artiticially stretched I might redo the video with it, though.

This is the intro that will replace the old one at the beginning of my Youtube videos. If we have some projects progress with screenshots soon, I might make a longer, standalone video featuring some site content, though (probably using a non-metal song by Twilight Force)


Lol nice, I like how this sounds like Yoshi. :P

DJ Omnimaga

December 16, 2014, 04:11:15 pm #2 Last Edit: December 16, 2014, 04:38:34 pm by DJ Omnimaga
Lol hehe thanks. I'll have to redo it, though, because on Youtube the beginning is cutoff by horrible audio compression. >.<

EDIT Done. I managed to stretch the audio a little bit without destroying it and I also moved it later into the vid.

DJ Omnimaga

You can now hear a better version (although it's more the audio being stretched a little more, equalized and moved farther into the vid:

I can't do much, tho, because vocals are digital and low quality in the first place, and intro videos can't be longer than 3 seconds.


Ah nice. Could you upload the source video somewhere so that we can use it when uploading stuff ? (Supposing I'd upload stuff to youtube again. My first video is kinda s***ty., see below :P)

DJ Omnimaga

Methcrack? :P

J/k, here is a copy:

You can upload to Youtube, then go to creator studio -> channel -> branding -> choose new video in the Branding introduction section

DJ Omnimaga


@Juju asked me if he could get the :walrii: sound I used in some of my videos last year, so I decided to attach a zip file containing both the sound and a new Youtube splash screen for people who wants to add the three seconds CodeWalrus logo display at the start of their Youtube videos.

It is now attached below the first post. :)


Thanks! I'm trying something with that, I'll tell you guys about it later.
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DJ Omnimaga

Cool, be sure to let us know in here. :) Also I put a different splash screen in the zip because the original advertised both my music and CW rather than just CW, since it was designed for my Youtube channel.

Also, back in early 2015, Youtube had a feature that allowed people to append a 3 seconds splash screen to all their past, present and future videos, which is why I have videos from 2009-13 with CW in it. That feature was terminated on March 31st 2015 but we could choose if we want to keep our intro as a permanent video fixture for existing uploads.


I will definitively use this for my coding/ Prime vids ;)

DJ Omnimaga

Yay! Also I am really curious about what Juju plans to make...


I am can't wait also! But if we ever get a good looking 3D walrii that looks realistic we could use blender with it's motion tracking to make it look like it is a thing IRL xD

DJ Omnimaga

ROFL, imagine if someone decided to do videos of themselves about CW topics and releases, and had a virtual 3D walrus besides him who participated in the vids too. o.o


Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on May 14, 2016, 06:02:13 pm
ROFL, imagine if someone decided to do videos of themselves about CW topics and releases, and had a virtual 3D walrus besides him who participated in the vids too. o.o

Now I really can't wait for VR to be common place :P

DJ Omnimaga

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