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prgmMOVE and prgmARR: Teaching Myself to Move

Started by Woodrow, January 22, 2018, 05:25:11 pm

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Here, I used the location of the numbers of the calculator as arrows.


Input "", M
If M=4: Y-1->Y
If M=6: Y+1->Y
If M=8: X-1->X
If M=2: X+1->X
If M=5: Stop


While 5=5:prgmARR:End:DelVar M


Condense the code into one prgm

Use arrow keys instead of numbers if possible

Find a way to use the ClrHome command at the start of prgmMOVE

Add a boundary system
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I think what would help you here is the command getKey. It returns the last key pressed as a number based roughly on what row and column it's on on the keyboard (and 0 if nothing). For instance, the sin( key is in the 5th row and 2nd column, so you would check in this instance if getKey = 52. (In practice, you're almost always gonna want to store this to a variable and instead check that.)

The arrow keys are a bit more complicated. Up, left, and right are considered in the second row, and down is considered in the third row. So left is 24, up is 25, right is 26, and down is 34.

Also, any particular reason you have a While 5=5 loop?


Thanks! I'll keep that in mind and make a new program with the GetKey command.

While 5=5 is the way I usually write an infinite loop (5 is a visually satisfying number imo). Since the loop contains prgmARR, which has its own way of breaking out of the loop (If M=5:Stop), it's not really an infinite loop. It's just easier for me because error messages make me a bit nervous due to bad experience, so, even though I can break out with the On key either way, I prefer to just have my own ending function.

This is why I never try to justify my weird logic.
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Not that it makes a difference, but you can write "While 5=5" as just "While 5".
You'll save yourself a whole two bytes!


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