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Making forum skin mobile-friendly

Started by DJ Omnimaga, January 14, 2015, 07:09:14 am

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DJ Omnimaga

They are still a bit close in mobile mode, though, hence my idea of moving them a bit further to the left (only in mobile view). The main issue is that in mobile view there is no text.

Also it seems that the site navigation has the same issue that the voting buttons had. The clickable area is a bit off, so it's another thing we might want to look into.

We also need to make the sidebars on the front page show up at the bottom of the news feed or board stats, so that this content isn't missing from mobile view, while still keeping news full-width and at the top.

DJ Omnimaga

By the way, should we hide the individual boards/child boards topic/post counts on mobile view? Since we use the clone topic mod, the totals are inaccurate anyway since some topics appear in multiple sections. I was also contemplating making it like on yAronet, where it says t and p instead of topics and posts.

Also we really need to find a way to fix the content going outside the screen issue on mobile, since it makes some sections unuseable. After all, Cemetech managed to do it fine.

And of course we need to bring back the sidebars on the front page and board stats page, but have them show up below everything else. Cemetech does it with their sidebar in some ways and it's quite handy.

DJ Omnimaga

So @Streetwalrus , on mobile I think the logo should be moved down by a few pixels, since the navigation overlaps on it and hides parts of it.


Good catch, I never thought it was a problem up til now. This should do the trick.

DJ Omnimaga

Yup, it looks much better now. Thanks :D

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