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Tusk (2014) :walrii: horror movie

Started by DJ Omnimaga, August 16, 2016, 09:11:24 pm

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DJ Omnimaga

Regarding Tusk the movie itself, the fact that movie clips keeps being deleted from Youtube due to copyright claims and that the company that published or made it is going that hard after reuploads is mind-blowing...


Quote from: p2 on October 14, 2016, 08:32:44 am
For whatever reason I keep getting lots of pictires of a fat wihite kangoroo when searching for "Albino Walrus"... <_<
And it looks like there's really no albino walrus... :(

Close enough.

Please spam here:

"walruses are better than tuxedo chickens, all hail the great :walrii:" ~ me
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yey albino walrus ^.^

also wh< do u guys keep reviving this topic :ninja:
it's like the worst of all zombie topics ever, stop reviving it D:
Anyway war sucks. Just bring us your food instead of missiles  :P ~ DJ Omnimaga (11.10.2016 20:21:48)
if you cant get a jframe set up, draw stuff to it, and receive input, i can only imagine how horrible your game code is _._   ~ c4ooo (14.11.2016 22:44:07)
If they pull a Harambe on me tell my family I love them ~ u/Pwntear37d (AssangeWatch /r/)
make Walrii great again ~ DJ Omnimaga (28.11.2016 23:01:31)
God invented the pc, satan the smartphone I guess ~ p4nix (16.02.2017 22:51:49)

DJ Omnimaga

Lol p2 it's a silver Walrii I think

And this topuc never dies cuz the movie was released the same year CodeWalrus opened. It's a curse, the curse of Mr Tusk!

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