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There are lots of false positive bans on EFNet network. It's a matter of changing the bot IP address or hostname or waiting until the ban expires.
I started adding custom icons for each sub-forum. For example, the gaming and game-related project sub-forums now have a gamepad icon and 3D engine boards got cubes
Good that you have a temporary solution. A good question is, why was the bot banned? I hope it's not for something like a large amount of messages in a certain time frame, because it seems like that'd be an impossible issue to work around.
Site Discussion & Bug Reports / Temporary shoutbox installed
Last post by DJ Omnimaga - May 09, 2019, 06:42:13 pm
Because the IRC bot that acts as a Discord<>IRC bridge has been banned from the entire EFNet network, the site shoutbox no longer works properly. Until the bot can connect again on EFNet, we have installed TitanEmbeds. It's unknown if it will work for everyone, but for now it's better than no shoutbox at all I guess.
So I randomly remembered about this yesterday. When I first attempted this project, I could not figure out issues with my C sudoku generator. Armed with knowledge of C++ this time, I wrote a better(at least less convoluted) sudoku generator that appears to work correctly. In terms of speed, it is not very good - extremely easy through medium difficulty puzzles are generated rather fast, but hard takes a long time and the insane pack(added an extra difficulty cause why not?) took me about 20 minutes to generate. Right now difficulty is based purely on how many squares are not empty(extremely easy: 50-60, easy: 36-49, medium: 32-35, hard: 28-31, insane: 22-27); I took these from a source and might modify them, as the medium and hard ranges seem a little small. Here is a github link(btw was surprised to find I already made this repository) to the puzzle generator:

Therefore, since the TI NSpire is very slow, at least porting the generator I have now would not be great. I may get away with generating easy, medium, or perhaps even a single hard level(hard took a couple seconds on my computer to generate 81 levels, so *maybe* it could be used to generate 1 level in a few seconds on the TI NSpire).

Since this got me interested, I guess I will rewrite sudoku for the NSpire(gonna have to remember lua). I am not really an avid sudoku player though (I just wrote this for fun), so I will see how long this will take. For now, I guess if you want a mediocre sudoku player(which doesn't support basic features of sudoku such as different colors for starting numbers and inputted numbers), here is a link to a tns(how do you add attachments btw or is that no longer supported?):
Web / Re: Worldwide Combos
Last post by noelnadal - May 03, 2019, 08:46:38 am
Worldwide Combos 0.12 is out.
Main new features: 21-bag all-spins mode, sound effects, in-game chat.
Patch notes:
I am happy to announce that Superstar Hero - The Original Soundtrack by DJ Omnimaga has been released on Bandcamp. If you already own the four following albums, then you do not need to get the soundtrack, as all game songs are also available on them:

-Destiny Knight
-Illegal Music Chemistry
-Hardcore Spectrum Disorder
-Maze of Life
Tech, Science, IT discussion & News / Re: Old Android devices
Last post by DJ Omnimaga - May 01, 2019, 07:51:40 pm
I dunno. Maybe they love the 80's, when cellphones were ridiculously huge and required you to transport a huge battery.
I happen to boot my good old Samsung Galaxy SII regularly, even though a Nokia 1 edges it out nowadays. Last time I did it, the battery got uncalibrated in the meantime and the phone only recognized 0% (unplugged) and 100% (plugged) battery levels. I solved it by booting into recovery and letting the battery completely drain out before fully recharging it again. I still find it useful as an occasional secondary tablet for lightweight web browsing, mails and YouTube.

Speaking of it, looks like LineageOS finally stopped officially supporting it in October 2018, but I'm mighty impressed that a flagship phone from 2011 managed to hold out for so long, from Android 2.3 all the way to Android 7.1.2 (while often having a more recent OS than contemporary smartphones). I've yet to find a flagship Android smartphone as pocket-friendly as this, even if my Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact gets very close... Why do all manufacturers think we want our flagships the size of a frikkin' aircraft carrier?!
Gaming / Re: My predictions about the N...
Last post by DJ Omnimaga - April 29, 2019, 05:51:29 pm
I sure didn't expect it to sell this fast. I am sure it won't outsell the DS and Wii but it will outsell the Xbox One I think. Seems like third party titles are also in larger numbers than expected
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