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Soooo, i kinda accidentally deleted the ICE source for this game off of my calculator (***Pieman7373 kicks PHASM for having evil bugs and for messing up UndeleteCE)... some good news is that i had a back-up on SC (i probably would have died otherwise)... Some bad news is that it is farther behind than i thought it was... Another piece of good news is that i am pretty sure that the back-up is only behind in terms of how many rooms i have added in the game (when i lost the source, i was in the progress of adding room 22 out of 26 of the first town, and the back-up has only 6-ish out of 26...)

This is the updated to-do list:

To-do List:
*Make a way to draw the 16x16 sprites on-calc (luv ya CalcMeister)
*Devise a method for drawing each screen and the transitions
*Add opening menu with option to either continue game or start new game
*add the physical menu options (accessed using the function buttons)(they mostly do nothing as of yet)
*Implement saving (saving works, i broke loading)

*add the first town (20% done) <=== :'(
*Add the whole map (like 5% done)
*hardcode the boundaries for each screen (5% done)
*add menu options (accessed using the function buttons)(1 of 3 added)
*fix loading a save
*add player stats and items
*add enemy encounters and fighting
Tech, Science, IT discussion & News / OSSv4 with Ubuntu
« Last post by gameblabla on Today at 05:49:21 am »
OSS or Open Sound System is the first sound API that was supported in Linux.
Forks of OSS are also used by the BSDs and Solaris.
It was eventually replaced by ALSA due to the main developer making some modifications proprietary,
leading Linux to switch to ALSA.
However, 4Front Technologies eventually made it open-source again.

Some were dissatisfied with ALSA and were complaining about the noticeable drop in sound quality.
This eventually led me to install OSS and stick with it.

The first time i rebooted my PC, i was able to hear the noise from my headphone.
The thing is with OSS, you can tweak the audio filter so it's a bit more "raw" or enable all the way up to remove any kind of noise.
OSS unlike ALSA actually shows you the defects of analog audio, without trying to hide it from you.

One huge issue i had with OSS is the fact that some packages like Firefox, Wine and proprietary games do not have by default OSS support.
It's either completely missing (Firefox) or not enabled in binary builds (Wine-stagting).
You can use an audio wrapper that wraps ALSA calls to OSS ones but there is a drop in quality and it doesn't work all the time.

Also, OSS is very CPU intensive with high-quality settings. vmix in particular is very slow when processing videos. (i still don't know why)
However, disabling vmix actually fixes the issue.
OSS also doesn't support audio via HDMI, which ALSA does and it has incomplete support for USB audio.

Despite the noticeable increase in audio quality, it does come at the price of performance (with vmix) and compatibility.
Compatibilities with applications is perhaps the first thing you'll run into with OSS, because most of them don't expect you to use OSS.

However, it should be noted that this is a bit different on FreeBSD where OSS is actually the default sound api
so if you like OSS, you might consider switching to FreeBSD.

To record a video with OSS, the only working way is to use both ffmpeg and ossrecord.
Note that you may have to soundoff & soundon
Code: [Select]
ffmpeg -video_size 1920x1080 -framerate 30 -f x11grab -i :0.0 -c:v ffv1 $HOME/capture.mkv &
ossrecord -s48000 -b16 -c2 -R -d/dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/loop0 $HOME/capture.wav &

If an app use OpenAL (gzdoom), you can tell OpenAL to use OSS.
Edit /etc/openal/alsoft.conf and add this line (if it doesn't exist) :
Code: [Select]
drivers = oss
If OSS is acting funny, try to run soundoff & soundon in root. (or sudo)
What might be causing the error?
I messed up keyboard input when fixing the delay :/

(I never tested it, cuz it was just remove one if statement and a variable, but I guess I accidentally grabbed something else along the way

EDIT: I deleted one to many brackets:

Download below @merpaderp
Consoles / Re: Wal-Rush! NES
« Last post by gameblabla on Today at 04:53:13 am »
@JWinslow23, is it true that you stopped working on it ?
If so then it is SAD !!!!

I do wonder what language you used to make Wal-Rush NES : Family Basic ? C with CC65 ? Assembly ?
General Music Talk / Re: Your favorite chiptune music
« Last post by DJ Omnimaga on Today at 04:10:23 am »
By 2x speed do you mean the tempo or just pitched up @_iPhoenix_ ?

Also Power Rangers SNES soundtrack can be very amazing

Consoles / Re: Wal-Rush! NES
« Last post by DJ Omnimaga on Today at 03:58:01 am »
Yeah true. I hope he can find a solution or some help on some NES dev forum and change his mind in the future.
Consoles / Re: (NSFW) Copyright Infringement - The Regressive Right
« Last post by DJ Omnimaga on Today at 03:49:40 am »
Wait, I swear I added it earlier. I guess I just added the Coleco tag and forgot to clone the topic :P

As for adding it the main issue was that the video is in the first post :P

But seriously, watching anime on a 1979 game console is just unreal :O, especially after watching videos of old Colecovision games with much inferior (but still cool) graphics
EDIT Also I added this to the downloads section. I almost want to front page this due to the fact you managed to achieve FMV on a coleco and that no other games seems to do it, but I'm not too thrilled about having pr0n on the front page XD
It's not even in the downloads :(
And the post itself is not NSFW so technically it does not violate dah rules
I dont know...

 they dont even include backpack on that list. comon, DEA

calculators are more suspicious than back packs. <.< :ninja:
/me tries to hide his collection of 30 calcs O.O
Wow, it's amazing how far people will go to imply that everyone is a criminal.

So parents, take heart: If your kid seems really into her graphing calculator, all it really means is that she's well on her way to a career as a successful engineer.
I'm offended by this. An engineer? Really? :P

Yeah, I'd prefer to be a computer scientist, but OK!
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