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I managed to get a system working (in firebird, not yet tested on hardware) that lets programms request function tables from libraries (sort-of dynamic linking from what I understand, maybe I'll do a proper dynamic linker with resolving missing symbols in the files, but I currently don't know enough about that).
When handled by header files to define function pointers with the right names and parameters, a programm doesn't have to include the functions, thus reducing the size of the binary and the size occupied in RAM if multiple programms use the same library.
It would also make it easier to update a library inside a program, you would just update your library.
I have a PoC on a github repo along with a short screen recoding showing that it works.

If you're interested, it works by replacing itself as the system call handler and then catches system calls that have a certain signature and runs them.
There are 2 system calls: registering a function table as a library with a specific name, and requesting a function table with a name.
It searches in a path (in this case /documents/ndless/) for a library with that name and runs it. The library should register itself with its name and the functions it wants to export.
Because the swi handler address isn't os-specific, this PoC should work on every hardware and software version. I testet it in firebid with 4.5 CX CAS HW W, 4.5 CX HW W and 4.5 HW J.

For anyone wondering why I even did this, I plan to make a programm that is divided up into modules, and these modules should be easily replacable by a user without recompilation (no one would do that and it is some work to get the ndless-sdk running).
In this case it would be as easy as swapping out one file.
Heya and welcome here. Unfortunately I no longer have a TI-Nspire CX so I will not be able to try this on the real calculator, but indeed this is the correct way to post updates (after 24 hours it's fine to bump the topic)
I finished the settings and security modules. Now you can decide if you want navnet on or off, and you can set a password for your calculator.
Be carefull not to brick you calculator by forgetting your password.
If you set OSExt as a startup programm I recommend moving it out if you have a programm that loads ndless at boot-time and you don't plan to use your calc for a long time, so it isn't protected anymore.
If you want do reset your settings. use another programm that lets you navigate the filesystem and delete /OSExt_config.conf.tns .
(PS: is this the correct way to do an update or should I edit my post?)
Calculator News, Coding, Help & Talk / Re: What if TI calcs were stil...
Last post by Juju - October 31, 2019, 09:57:19 pm
Not yet.

You can always help here.
BTW, is the domain name paid for another year / couple years ?
Yeah this is why CW is here to stay, including the forums.
The practical side of me says that calculator hacking and coding has plummeted in popularity and so we have too many sites in existence now, but I also like the history of it all and don't like history to vanish. So I think we should keep this site online in a low-maintenance mode for as long as possible. Like MaxCoderz, UnitedTI, or Omnimaga.
Oh wow... email lists. I had totally forgot about the days before forums or back when forums were threaded, text-only messageboards, like Void Productions or ticalc comments. Even HP Museum used such system until like 2013 or so. Mailing lists were great because you were notified by new replies, while with forums you often have to manually enable notifications, if they even exist on the forum software the website runs with.

Right now the main danger about CodeWalrus is money shortage, which is why it's possible that the website moves to a different hosting provider (probably on Walriicraft) and I believe this is why Calc News shut down recently.

As for myself, I don't like forums as I used to, but I don't like Facebook groups that much either, so I am more active on chat mediums overall.
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