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Good luck trying to get an SNES classic when there's guys like this.
Or sell fake 3D printed+raspberry pi based ones instead.
Haha. I hate f***king scalpers SO much  >:(. Trying to make a quick buck off us.
There are already people on Ebay charging $300 to pre-order it <_<. They'll probably either run away with your money or buy the consoles in bulk at stores that don't limit quantities and then resell all but one of them.
Haha. I hate f***king scalpers SO much  >:(. Trying to make a quick buck off us.
You can always buy them on ebay after launch for 9001% of the launch price?
W3 is here! And for your convenience, all the others are there too, with tweaks to help with accessibility and stuff.

Next pack shouldn't take long either.

I feel like your production estimate is a little high.
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Raiders: A Zelda-Like game.
« Last post by mazhat on Yesterday at 05:23:05 pm »
Now you can spray paint the walls.
Spray painting one wall gives you +1 juice. (Juice is the equivalent to exp.)
It's the lowest amount of juice you can obtain, and the most tedious.

Next up:
-Inventory management.
-Guns and ammo
-Implementing encounters.
-Base of operations and safe havens.
Is anyone planning to buy the new SNES Classic? Personally I am reluctant, especially that the Sega Genesis re-release will have a cartridge slot and not the SNES Classic, but it comes with 21 games and even Star Fox 2 is included. I wonder if they'll make more than 300 copies this time around...
Other / Re: Anyone know some good vanishing magic tricks?
« Last post by c4ooo on Yesterday at 04:24:10 pm »
Anyone else have ideas for disappearing tricks?
Browsing codewalus/cemetech. All your time magically disappears ;)
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