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A (slightly modified) cross post from Cemetech (including the puns :P) (https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=270452#270452)
Quote from: SM84CEHere's my favorite 5, in no particular order:

  • by Sara Bareilles
  • by Taylor Swift
  • by Rachel Platten
  • by Kelly Clarkson
  • by Rachel Platten

By making this topic [at Cemetech] ... Look What You Made Me Do!!  Oh well, looks like I had to be Brave anyways.  You know what people say: What doesn't kill you makes you Stronger!  I'll also say this to anyone else in my position: great job, and I'll Stand By You.  Y'all will have to put up a Fight (Song) to beat me!

***SM84CE runs off to Pluto
Feel free to post any suggestions, feedback, etc. here, and if you have a Cemetech account, in the thread there (link in the first post), because I check Cemetech more.
How do you/ can you place units? Also, can you make an option to skip past the fade in/out intro? It's cool, but when you want to start playing, it makes you wait :(
Here's what BASIC programs I have so far, what it does, and what calculators these work on:
Note: I won't be uploading these programs to CW, it's just more work on cross-uploading updates, and the "Downloads" section here has a confusing layout for me.  I'm just more used to Cemetech's layout.  ALSO: The content in this post is just copied over from Cemetech, BTW

I'll try and simultaneously update both threads if I can, but in case I don't, here's the link: SM84CE's BASIC Programs (on Cemetech)

SM84CE's TI-BASIC Programs
This link is my ICE programs thread (the one on Cemetech), for use with PT_'s ICE Compiler.  That thread follows the same structure as my BASIC thread.  Feel free to suggest ideas for ICE programs in that thread.

Charge date manager -- works on the TI-84 Plus CE and CSE, for keeping track of battery charge dates

Programmers Utility pack -- Use these programs to help with clean up after your own programs, works on TI's Color screen calculators, or just any TI.  The readme has more usage and compatibility info.  This helps save main program size, as it combines common cleanup routines into a few programs.

Temperature Checker CSE -- A simulated temperature checker for the TI-84 Plus CSE

Virus Checker for the TI-84 Plus CSE -- A simulated Virus Checker for the TI-84 Plus CSE

Timer for the TI-84 Plus CE and CSE -- a timer, with color, for the TI-84 Plus CE and CSE.  This link points to the CE directory,  but the same program will also work on the CSE.

Virus Checker for the TI-84 Plus CE -- Simulated Virus Checker for the TI-84 Plus CE, WILL NOT WORK ON THE CSE.

Temperature Checker for the TI-84 Plus CE -- A simulated temperature checker for the TI-84 Plus CE, which WILL NOT WORK ON THE CSE, see above for the CSE version

Cemetech Logo drawing program -- This program draws the Cemetech logo onto your graph screen.  This link points to the TI-84 Plus CE directory, but the program will also work on the CSE.

DNA Manipulator 84 -- This program is for Biology/ science students who need to quickly convert a sequence of DNA nucleotides to a complementary strand or a strand of RNA. Includes some features, and works on all 84's, NOT 83 (untested)

De Moivre theorem program CE -- this program is used to multiply, divide, find the roots of, and to find the powers of complex numbers using De Moivre's theorem.  Description and screenshots in the file download page and in the readme.  This WILL ONLY WORK ON CE OS 5.2+
Well, I've been on Cemetech for ~7 months...
I've got a TI84PCE, I'm interested in aeronautics, program in TI-BASIC and ICE.  I want to learn C...
Other that that (there really is no guidelines for the basics to cover...)  HI! :P
I've also done this... My VirusCheckers are fake, yet people download them because the screenshots look legit...  Also, on some programs, when used in conjunction with another, (not naming), there is a risk of an infinite "ERROR: Memory" loop that can only be exited by a reset, even though that's not documented as a "Don't" in the readme...  This bug is never mentioned by the creator, in the program thread, or anywhere.  It's us (the calculator programming community) that bring these up.
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