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Hey there! A few months back, I replied here with a sprite editor I made. Well, I'm back with a brand new rewrite of the program. It has tons of new features that I'm excited to use. Here's just a few ones that work right now:
* Custom pallette.
* Sprite editor that will edit any size of sprites.
* Layout editor that will allow for any sized sprite as well as on the fly scaling.
* Super easy one-click export to export the layout, the sprites, and everything you need to the calculator. It'll calculate the scaling of sprites and work it all out for you.
Now for my favorite features....
* Importing of a normal photo file as a sprite or as a full screen image. This will run everything at the native resolution and respect your pallette choices. It's awesome.
Here's a quick teaser image:
I'll finish it up and put the link here soon.
I really like this program, and it's honestly really helpful for creating things. I've written a program for Windows which allows you to quickly create sprites for for this. It can be downloaded here: http://bit.ly/TISpriteEditorPage.
On another topic, I do wish that there was a way in this program to do something like pxl-check and see if a pixel is on or not, but I can see that might be hard to add.
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