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Other / Re: Why your avatar?
June 10, 2015, 02:15:38 PM
space dwarf.
Gaming / Re: OpenRA (Open Red Alert, and more)
June 08, 2015, 08:45:05 AM
DJ have you tried playing a bit?
I'd really fancy playing a 2V2 game with some walrii to be honest

(thx for the move btw)

btw if you want the original files they are available as abandonware.
the french website provides the actual ISO, but I'm sure you can get them pretty much anywhere
you could also grab them bundled with PortableRA

but really, the rework on the game made by openRA is great (balances and tweaks)
- RIGHT-CLICK COMMANDS YES (you can toggle that btw)
- air units can actually scout now (instead of just doing tactical strikes on visible targets)
- allied artilleries are now actually useful
- flame towers are now actually useful
- engineering an enemy base is harder since it's time-based now (you can't simply engy-spam the ennemy MCV anymore)
Gaming / Re: OpenRA (Open Red Alert, and more)
June 03, 2015, 08:15:45 AM
if I recall correctly there's a download button on the same page
I'll check again back home
Gaming / Re: OpenRA (Open Red Alert, and more)
June 02, 2015, 09:33:54 AM
it doesn't require the original CD
you can use the original CD content, but you can also download the mod

and most people use the mod
Gaming / Re: OpenRA (Open Red Alert, and more)
May 31, 2015, 08:23:28 PM
openra has actual servers though

(I should check this forum more than once a week --')
Gaming / OpenRA (Open Red Alert, and more)
May 29, 2015, 11:36:45 AM
Remember that old game you used to play back in 1995?
No? Well me neither because I wasn't born at that time.
But whatever, Red Alert (published by Westwood studios) was one of the games that I grew with, and as it turns out, an open-source remake of it has been around for quite some time.
It also runs the original Command and Conquer (Tiberian Dawn) and Dune 2000.

welcome to the clusterf*ck, I'll be your guide from now on

So yeah, if anyone is interested in a few multiplayer games, I guess we could organize something here or whatnot.
for those interested:
nope that was just the music of a demo cart
I did a thing.

also, noticed that the TID is 2k15 :D
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on May 22, 2015, 06:33:46 AM
Yeah I didn't see the color difference myself, which is why I was wondering lol when Ivoah posted that 3D cart. I was asking myself: "Where is the code? O.o" It's a good idea I think, providing that people use common sense and don't start distributing cartridges in JPEG format. :P

if you're looking for the differences, check the 10~ rows of pixels under the green cube, that is the zone mapped to the code

(use GIMP or something)
I think each byte of the cart is spread on the last 2 bits of every channel:

take for instance, the keyword "local"
hex: 6c 6f 63 61 6c
binary: 0110 1100 0110 1111 0110 0011 0110 0001 0110 1100

now for a gray pixel on the png:
hex: 66 66 66 FF
binary: 0110 0110 0110 0110 0110 0110 1111 1111

now for each pixel, spread a char on the end of each channel:
0110 0101 0110 0110 0110 0111 1111 1100
0110 0101 0110 0110 0110 0111 1111 1111
0110 0101 0110 0110 0110 0100 1111 1111
0110 0101 0110 0110 0110 0100 1111 1101
0110 0101 0110 0110 0110 0111 1111 1100
65 66 67 FC
65 66 67 FF
65 66 64 FF
65 66 64 FD
65 66 67 FC

the color change is so subtle you can't even see it, but the data is still there
with a picture of 160*205, you have 32800 pixels, that makes 32K of data for a cart
oh my god
I tried getting the code from a cart png with a text editor

I though it would just be some extensive metadata in the picture
I was wrong

the whole thing is encoded into the pixels themselves
on an unrelated note, I found this:

could probably be used for some fancy effects etc
Sorry if the question is a bit obvious, but is sound allowed?
Well, I am working on this:
For some reason I though it would be a good idea to recreate STL in C.

Might as well show it off here.

There is still a lot of room for improvements, and I'll continue working on it as soon as I get a DESK to put my laptop on.
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