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Yeah it's definitely got that sorta lo-fi raspyness to it.
Recorded another thing with this synth real quick


Recorded with my phone hence the lower audio quality, but still sounds pretty sweet IMO

Listen to dat sweet sweet distortion
LOL I'm the new DJ Unknown, get rekt other guy!





I got a yamaha PSS-480 at the thrift store for $6

Took it home, hooked it up to midi and my audio interface

This thing has some monster potential


This is raw!!!

Listen to the end, especially around the 1:17 mark and beyond. What a lead!

Also I figured out it doesnt destabilize like that if I dial the feedback level down one, and it still sounds pretty sweet:


https://soundcloud.com/unknownloner/pss480demo6 (less highs version of same thing)

I start messing with moving the feedback up and down at the end there.

Kick is just a 909 sample, not from the synth (though it does have some PCM drum samples)
Yeah, I think there's a generic sampler included in FL that can do that. The ones I used don't though.
I decided to try to make something with FL Studio's old and lower-power synths, along with some of their presets


I've got

* FL Keys
* Boo Bass
* 3xOsc (THE LEGEND!)
* Fruity DX10

And then I just used normal filters I'd use and whatever.

Also, it's amazing just how fast stuff renders when you use those old plugins!
Awesome, glad you like it!
Messing with implementing delay in an analog-delay style https://soundcloud.com/unknownloner/delay-experiment
I don't know, probably 2 or 3 hours.

nu thing https://soundcloud.com/unknownloner/fm-jam/
Zarmina (Web/PC) / Re: Zarmina
December 10, 2016, 07:33:19 PM
@kotu That sounds awesome! My only complaint is the thing going on in the left channel; since it's hard-panned left with no presence on the right ear it feels a little weird on headphones. Other than that, I really like it! Maybe try adding a single echo (no feedback) that plays into the right ear? IDK.
So apparently the thing to do is to just create a general post for all your moosics, and since I love to shamelessly whore get feedback on my moosics, I'll post stuff here if I like it and it's longer than 30 seconds / longer than 8 measures (or is it bars? I can never remember). I make a ton of loops that I like but aren't really very well developed ideas at all, so why waste space posting them.

To start off here's a synthwavey thing I made earlier today which I think I can develop into a full track once I get time to sit down in FL. This was just a quick sketch in Caustic on my phone though. I especially like the second half.


Also here's a stream I did awhile ago if you're into that sorta thang. I think it ends up sounding pretty neat. There's other recordings on my channel too, but I haven't been able to stream regularly yet  :-\.


Don't be insulted if it takes me awhile to reply to stuff. As people like @DJ Omnimaga know, I'm really bad at using forums regularly. I do get email notifications tho, so that helps.
Zarmina (Web/PC) / Re: Zarmina
December 09, 2016, 04:42:14 AM
I like ambient. I have no idea what adventure music sounds like though; maybe I haven't played enough adventure games recently.
Zarmina (Web/PC) / Re: Zarmina
December 09, 2016, 04:34:51 AM
What kind of music you lookin for, I'm interested

I can actually make stuff sound not sketch-like when I use FL for mixing instead of Caustic :P
Site Discussion & Bug Reports / Matrix relay for IRC
December 02, 2016, 07:03:27 PM
It'd be cool to have a relay between matrix and the IRC channel I think. This post is for discussion of the idea.

If you don't know what matrix is:

This would probably be the easiest thing to use to write it, because JS:

Also, Sorunome tells me that if it was written in python it could plug in to omnomirc, so this might be relevant too:

It'd be cooler to bridge the entirety of efnet, but I don't feel like trying to get the OK from the efnet server operators to do that. A simple 1-channel relay would fit with what we're already doing in the CW channel.
My link probably isn't gonna be fixed. I don't think I have that project anymore.
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