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Media Talk / mezzacotta: The Good Parts
August 08, 2016, 07:42:40 AM
I just stumbled upon a webcomic called mezzacotta. It's got a virtually infinite backlog and updates every day, so I figured that it wouldn't be a bad idea to try and start up a thread where the good ones can be linked. If you want to check it out, your best bet is probably just to read random comics until a good one comes up. Don't forget to rate them all; it helps hone the algorithm for the future. (I think.)

To start things off:
9th September, 1087 AD: William the Conqueror's death. Freakishly relevant.
20th August, 1991 AD (c/o @Juju): Juju's birthday and the independence of Estonia.
22nd March, 3057 BC: Buzzwords vs. politics!
2nd November, 2006 AD: An alien visitor appears.
17th November, 1390 AD: Is this enlightenment?
9th January, 2007 AD: Pennyworth's a person?
7th August, 2016 AD: Trust no one.
2nd December, 662 BC: Spell her? I hardly even knew her!
31st March, 2007 AD: I guess that means it's about him.
8th April, 2007 AD: Sleep deprivation is a serious issue.
15th October, AD 233: I'm getting stoner vibes here.
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