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Games / Re: [TI CE] BOULDASH
Today at 03:15:17 AM
THis is definitively going on my calc soon. I like the graphical style that remains true to the original. :)
I haven't tried this yet but I saw this on a while ago and was amazed at what I saw from the screenshots. Does it work with the latest C libraries? I'm probably gonna load this on my calc soon. :)
Here is Final Fantasy: Mana Force version 3.0 for the TI-83 Premium CE and TI-84 Plus CE!

-You can now quit the game with CLEAR from the title screen.
-The game now uses single-color sprites instead of only ASCII art graphics.
-Text now uses a different font.
-Omega magic spell visuals have been updated
-Some magic icons were replaced
-There is now an animation before casting magic spells.
-Version number is now displayed at the bottom-right of the title screen.

Download link:
Thanks to @Iambian 's new TI-OS custom font routine, a special version of First Fantasy taking advantage of his font hook to display actual sprites is now being worked on:

It's out!

Read the tutorial if you want to install Ndless 5.2 on a CX II at
Or this tutorial if you want to install Ndless 4.5.3 on a CX at

Quote from: AdriwebNdless 5.2 (et 4.5.3) va bientôt sortir, et Vogtinator m'a donné le feu vert pour publier quelques vidéos clips lors de mes tests, regardez cette rapidité/fluidité sur la TI-Nspire CX II ;)

Basically Ndless 5.2/4.5.3 in action on both the TI-Nspire CX and TI-Nspire CX II
Some new tracks for those not on Discord:

Clouded Future (UK Hardcore Remix):
The Eurodance Song That Goes Bersek:

Also for some reason, I didn't post about Obelisk of Life in this topic (probably in another):
A few days ago, a jailbreak tool for the TI-83 Premium CE and TI-84 Plus CE calculator series came out, bringing back ASM support for users who are running OS 5.5.2 or higher on their calculator. However, in order to run ASM/C programs from the home screen or from a TI-BASIC program, you also need ASMHOOK, by Jacobly.

So here is how to run First Fantasy, 1000 Bornes, Wal-Rush, GalagACE and other hybrid TI-BASIC programs on newer OSes:

1) Follow the instructions on ArTIfiCE website ( ) to jailbreak your calculator to enable ASM once again.

2) Download ASMHOOK from , send it to your calculator then run it from Cesium or ArTIfiCE. This will enable the ability to run ASM from a BASIC program or the home screen once again.

Normally you should be able to run hybrid TI-BASIC programs once again!
A tool that lets you downgrade to an older OS if your TI-84 Plus/83 Premium CE is hardware revision L or lower (which excludes all Edition Python calculator models) has now been released, although it's still under development. It's called Cauldron:

The original link was but it's down now.

WARNING: Keep in mind that any wrongful manipulation of your calculator boot code or usage of Boot code manipulation without first reading instructions could permanently brick your calculator and that there are still risks otherwise. So be careful!
Too late everyone, TI has just released a new OS update just a minute ago that patches this... just kidding :P, this is amazing. I'm gonna have a read about this when I get some time. :)

Now if only there was a way to make the Asm() command functional again, so that TI-BASIC games that uses ASM libraries can work again.

Clay Walrii from Jan 2019 is now getting a paint job so here comes Silver Walrii. I still need to do some retouching, though.
I'm definitively gonna be careful when connecting my calculator to TI-Connect in the future, in case one day TI releases a TI-Connect update that automatically sends the newest OS to any connected TI-84 Plus CE without any warning (I don't know if that would be illegal).
I bet this could definitively be ported to other calculators. While the goal seems to be to run calc games on the computer without a ROM, there are a lot of classics to play that could benefit newer calculator models.
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