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Title: (WARNING: Spoilers) Illusiat maps and bestiaries [walkthrough][strategy]
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Illusiat 3 (original & ASCII remake)

Here are the bestiaries for both Illusiat 3 original and the remake bundled with Illusiat 2004. Both are kinda the same in general, except the optional boss which has a lower LV count. Also in the original version you can only encounter one enemy per tower level, while in the remake you can encounter multiple ones and even go downstairs.

I grouped the tower monsters together since they increase by 1 LV everytime you go upstairs (and can range from LV 30 to 50).

In the original version of the game, the 4th optional boss is the only enemy in the game that isn't affected by the experience stacking glitch. Once you defeat him, you become LV 99 instantly, rather than gaining one LV per fight until your NEXT LV count is no longer negative. In the remake, that glitch is fixed so every monster can give multiple LVs in one battle if you get enough experience.

Also in this game, every boss fight is optional. Dungeons are pretty much there to grind your way to higher LV counts so that you can beat the final boss. Beating the bosses simply adds more challenge, as you will have to re-fight them during the final battle.


Illusiat 11 & Illusiat 11: Kin Master Quest

Here is the bestiary for both Illusiat 11 and Illusiat 11: Kin Master Quest attached below, including all bosses. There are 85 monsters total in each game and in the 2nd version they are much stronger. Some will give more experience and gold, but others will give far less. In the second game, regardless of the experience/gold formulas that each monster use, it cannot exceed the cubic value of their LV (in gold case, add 50 to it).

Also note that Boss 2 and Optional Boss 1 both randomly becomes invisible during the fight and if you attack them during that time, they take no damage and counter attack. In Optional Boss 1 case, he also gains 5 more LVs everytime he's hit while invisible.

Also technically Boss 8 is LV 150, but the game flags him as LV 99. He isn't even close to being as hard as any of the high LV monsters, though, due to his obscenely low stats, but he attacks up to 5 times per turn due to enemy speed being tied directly to their LV (the only reason why this boss LV is that high)



Legend Weapon optional boss and sword
Starting in chapter 2, if you sleep at every Inn in the game, it will unlock an area in the final chapter where you can beat Legend Weapon boss, who gives Legend Sword as reward. This boss is incredibly hard to beat.

Legend Armor
In the last game chapter there is a graveyard where you can find an armor called Legend Armor, which is the ultimate armor in the game, even stronger than the Paladin one found in the last shop. There is a catch to reach it though: the graveyard is the home of the hardest enemies in the game, and if you're playing the Kin Master Quest version of Illusiat 11 you may not even survive one battle unless you are at LV 85 or above. On top of that in the graveyard you will run into enemies at every steps so it will take a long while before you reach the armor. However the work is worth it, because by fighting your monsters you will sometimes get 3 levels every fights, especially the Kin Master Quest version, so you'll quickly reach LV 99.


How to get different battle floor during Legend Weapon fight
A bug in both Illusiat 11 versions causes the secret boss in the final chapter of the games to have no battle floor defined. As a result, the battle floor during this fight will always be the same as the last area you visited in the game. If you just reinstalled the game with your save file or deleted temporary data, it will cause an ERR:UNDEFINED error.

Illusiat 13: The Final Chapter

Thanks to Ztrumpet in 2009, I had every game map sitting on my computer, but most were in separate chunks. Today and tonight I finally finished merging every part together, so here they are now!

Since this game is so large, this resulted in a very large picture (864x8193 pixels). There are multiple gaps, but I wanted it to not take too much width, to prevent horizontal scrolling, and it would have been confusing anyway with that many maps, so I tried to place them in an easy to view way.