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Title: Sook Media
Post by: Juju on February 18, 2019, 07:02:16 am
Hey guys... Wonder what I'm doing these days, other than Zarmina? It's a little project I'm involved with some friends that I'm working on since a little more than a year, basically it's a matching service for podcasters and Youtubers to find entrepreneurs who would want to put some ads on your content and make some money with that :) We wanted it to be very organic: you decide of what kind of ad space you want to give out, like a mention at the beginning of your video and many Youtubers are already doing, we make sure the people we match are related to each other (as in, we'd match food brands with food podcasters and gaming sites with gaming youtubers) and we hope these ads will be less annoying this way.

Anyway, check it out and I hope you'll like it! We're concentrating our efforts mostly in the province of Quebec, Canada for now, but if it gets popular there we might branch out worlwide ^_^

(Been a while I teased you with that, it's time to make a topic about that, I just waited until it gets usable before writing about it.)

(also ID 2500 ^_^)
Title: Re: Sook Media
Post by: gameblabla on March 14, 2019, 11:24:01 am
Just took a look at it and it looks professional.Now you just need to get that .io domain and put a slide of your faces (Who we are ?) and you're good.
Did it take off ? Last update is from February.
Title: Re: Sook Media
Post by: Juju on March 19, 2019, 07:31:19 am
Well, we made a little video to explain it last weekend and it really took off since then :) (Don't ask me who, I'm under NDA, sign up to find out :))

(Fun fact: If you watch GuizDP (, you might recognize Jerome in that video xD)