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Title: Xenon Development thread | ICE Shell
Post by: Alvajoy123 on December 20, 2018, 03:27:47 pm
Hello Codewalrus !!!

For the past few month I have been working on a "ICE" shell name Xenon due to lack of interest in other project... I wanted to make some similar to cesium. Any way here is what Xenon Can do :P :

:thumbsup: Features:

These are the people who helped me and influenced me with Xenon over the pass month or two I will love to give them credit. These Are the People:


Screen Shots:

All ScreenShots can be found here (
*Note: Found more Bugs while recording

Right Now it's in its Beta stages I am looking forward to releasing this Shell.
I need to add more things such as more settings and pointers for ram and Rom.

*look Forward to adding "Import" to Terminal so you can import your own commands

I'm getting close to releasing the Beta version of Xenon but i have some few thing I have to do.

Please PM or Post any features that will be useful for Xenon.
I will also keep an update on this post.

Please Leave A comment or suggestion :) .

Title: Re: Xenon Development thread | ICE Shell
Post by: Alvajoy123 on December 20, 2018, 04:01:49 pm
sorry for double posting...
:!:  [size=18]Xenon Bug test Update[/size]

+: Adding to shell | *: Bug | "": comment

Running Programs
- Basic Programs
"Running basic programs work just fine :D  :thumbsup: "

-Asm Programs ('ICE Programs, C, etc.')
* 90% of programs run
* 10% of programs run and crash right after "RAM LEAK"

Running Program pins / Menu Bug testing
  "Menu Allows 6 pins  :thumbsup: "
+ Display Program Pin ICON
*Running basic programs from menu Run GREAT  :roll: !
* taping the menu too much will lead to a crash "FREEZE"  :(  // Due to shell program over scanning
* Pins does not display properly When Pins has been deleted.

Settings  :idea:
" Everything works in the settings "
+ Allow Lock screen logo
+ lock stat if a password is set
+ Add more settings

" Do you think a terminal is needed "
* Test command syntax
    * Echo crashing (due to sub(str2,6,7)=0 'ICE BUG')
    + Import command / using Xenon Compiler

:!:  Feel free to comment :!:

[size=18]Do you want Xenon?
In the next 1 1/2 weeks Xenon will be getting ready for beta !!   :thumbsup: [/size]

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