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Title: Super Quartet - Philips CD-i homebrew game
Post by: gameblabla on December 11, 2018, 07:44:32 pm

Here's a port of Killminds, Super Quartet, for the Philips CD-i.This is based upon Frog Feast's source code release by cdoty and plays similarly to the 3DO port.

It's a puzzling game  where you must act as quickly as possible to fill one of the 4 slots with a piece of a square given to you.

I've played it on my own CD-i 220 and recorded it here : (

There's no sound effects yet because i still have to figure out the CDi... It's not an easy platform.But you can download the game as it is here : (

Burn it with Imgburn on a blank CD-R. Do it so on a Gold or Silver CD-R preferably.
I would like to thank Cdifan for his assistance and giving me the source code to frog feast.