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Title: Music Production Workshop (A.K.A. "Where Can I Find 'X' Sample from 'Y' Song?")
Post by: ::CMG (UTOPIA):: on August 17, 2016, 11:13:42 pm
This thread is for music makers to share ideas and ask for help in searching for specific sounds/instruments/samples.  It could also be a good starting point in creating a community project.

Looking For: The samples "Disco Bombing" and "No More Ghosts, No More Fuzzy Pictures".  These samples are mostly well known for being in the song PARANOiA EVOLUTION from the DDR games, but while searching for the sample i've noticed they have been in other songs as well (Neuroticfish - No More Ghosts], & Ginger Woz Red - Disco Bombing).  I've given up on google cause all i get are articles about the 1986 disco bombing, and shows no results for either one.  Are these samples that come in a pack or part of a software or something?

In return, I'll share one of my sampling secrets... in my "UTOPIAMIX" album, I got my DDR/BMIIDX samples here ( and here (

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Title: Re: Music Production Workshop (A.K.A. "Where Can I Find 'X' Sample from 'Y' Song?")
Post by: DJ Omnimaga on August 24, 2016, 06:33:00 am
Hm I have mixed feelings about this topic. Sharing samples would be cool, but first make sure to ask permission to the original authors before re-uploading or sharing them, unless they are public domain or that the license allows otherwise.

As for Disco Bombing and No more Ghost, I sadly don't know them, so I can't help.  Thanks for the link, though (assuming they're legal lol). I'll see if I have any samples I can share in the future, although most are probably kickdrums or special effects I made in MTVMG