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Terms and Rules - CodeWalrus

Thank you for taking interest in CodeWalrus! Before you sign up, you must agree with our terms of service:

By registering an account on this forum, you agree that messages posted on it, including ones by the administrators, may not necessarily represent the opinion of CodeWalrus as a whole. You also agree that the administrators cannot monitor each message one by one 24/7, so if you find anything that you feel that violates the rules cited below, we encourage you to flag it as abusive then use the "Report to moderator" feature, so that the administrators can review it. We will not be held responsible for what users post on the forums.

As we want to maintain an hostility-free environment, you also have to agree with the http://codewalr.us/index.php?topic=36.0">CodeWalrus rules, which apply to every CodeWalrus-based discussion medium. We reserve the right to take action in response to content that we deem objectionable. A summary of the forum rules is available below:

#1 - The rules or lack thereof apply to all forum users when they use CodeWalrus discussion mediums, regardless of user skills, member rank, religion, country and views.
#2 - Being rude, intolerant, provocative, manipulating or trying to start drama are disallowed under any circumstances.
#3 - Discussing or sharing advice or files dedicated for cheating on tests and exams, as well as the sharing of private information,  illegal (ROMs, warez, etc) and adult material is strictly prohibited.
#4 - Flood, blatant advertising and spam are not allowed, same for abusive swearing, be it overused or directed at other users.
#5 - Double-posting is heavily discouraged, unless it has been 24 hours or that it's a project update requiring an early topic bump.
#6 - Do not abuse the post rating system, such as by mass-downvoting an user for liking the color green.
#7 - Trying to circumvent forum security (duplicate accounts, multi-voting, ban evasion, etc) will lead to the termination of your forum account.
#8 - There is a 24-hour clause on verbal warnings received via PMs. If you get reprimanded for breaking the rules via PM on IRC or the forums, then after 24 hours it is automatically assumed that you have read the message.

Also note that the software used by this forum and its shoutbox places a cookie, a text file containing bits of information (such as your username and password), in your browser's cache. This is ONLY used to keep you logged in/out. The software does not collect or send any other form of information to your computer.

Once you are signed up, you will be able to edit your account settings, then once you reach a specific post count, more options will be unlocked to you, such as avatars and signatures.

If you agree with the above, click the "I Agree" box the proceed into registering.
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