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Drawing & Animation / Re: Rejection official music video (UPDATED)
« Last post by xlibman on Today at 07:56:35 am »
See the first post. This is a new version of the videoclip, this time with VHS tape effects and in sync with the song. Thanks to @Juju for the edits ^^
I actually talked to PT_, and he suggested I make it in C, since I would have to rewrite it anyways to utilize new ICE syntax


Here is the first screenshot of the C version!

Now, the game is 8K, and I've changed the name to reflect this.

Download attached. Try the magic word, XYZZY!
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Dragon Warrior (-ish thing) CE
« Last post by xlibman on Yesterday at 11:58:29 pm »
Aaah I see. Maybe @PT_ can help you if the commands you used have changed :3=

Field of Vision issue resolved.
Remaining things to do before demo: Fine tune where things show up on screen (x,y coords), and how I map the FOV to the screen over varying scales; Resolve bugged entity tracking algorithm; Remove flicker in LCARS interfaces.
Firing works---ish.

General Music Talk / DJ releases Hardcore Spectrum Disorder music album
« Last post by xlibman on Yesterday at 06:52:47 am »
After 3 years of wait, Hardcore Spectrum Disorder is finally out!

It contains mostly tracks created last spring and this fall, including the two major tracks Hardcore Spectrum Disorder and Rejection, which came out on September 27th 2017 and December 1st, respectively. But also it contains some older tracks, including the power metal songs Destination 1999 A.D and Elemental Cross.

The album can be purchased or streamed on Bandcamp and you can get the entire discography at once for 50% off.


I hope you enjoy this blend of power metal, retro gaming music and electronic dance music and I encourage you, like the backcover says, to donate to Fédération québécoise de l'autisme to improve support and knowledge about autistic people in Quebec!
Drawing & Animation / Re: Rejection official music video
« Last post by Juju on December 14, 2017, 07:36:11 am »
The one I got from my friend Minty Root looks pretty good so far. (Yeah, got it working finally.)
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Dragon Warrior (-ish thing) CE
« Last post by Pieman7373 on December 14, 2017, 05:21:29 am »
@xlibman Yes, i just haven't worked on it in a while.... and ICE has changed so much that i know almost nothing about  the current syntax  :banghead: :'( :banghead:
Okay, this is pretty much the coolest thing i have ever seen! I can test stuff :3
Hey guys. Sorry for the delay in updates.
As of now, rendering has improved substantially. Scaling is fixed, as is half of Field of Vision. Sprites now also clip to the viewscreen.

What is remaining are the following two bugs:

1) Your ship starts at an XZ angle of 0 and a Y angle of 0, a vector of 0,0. The other ship is in the viewscreen, at an angle of 3 degrees on the XZ and 0 on the Y. It appears onscreen. If I rotate my ship to the right (angle values increasing), the other ship moves off to the left as it should. However if I move off to the left (decreasing), once the XZ angle for the viewer drops to 0 and then loops to 255, it registers a difference of 252 degrees in the angles, and thus the enemy ship vanishes, despite actually still being 4 degrees away. I've added this code:
Code: [Select]
if( diffXZ > 128 )   diffXZ = 256 - diffXZ; In an attempt to rectify this, to no avail. Link to code for that here: https://pastebin.com/9sAPE4HW

2) My entity tracking algorithms seem to not work properly. Projectiles do not appear to track their targets, nor does the AI seem to track the player, and since they both use the same AI subroutines, it would make sense. I DO need #1 fixed before I can resolve this tho.

As far as video footage, there are some animated screenshots on my project page: http://clrhome.org/startrek/'s gallery tab. There is no full gameplay footage yet, as the game isn't stable enough for that yet.

As far as what this is based off of.... there is a Gameboy Star Trek TNG game that was the inspiration for the LCARS interface and rendering system and sensor dialogs I will be using. As far as other calculator games go, tifreak has plans to make a singleplayer Star Trek game, though he's still learning C and he has access to this repository as well to see some code in action. THIS particular game, while the demo's will initially be singleplayer demos, eventually PvP between two calculators will be introduced as a precursor to networking via the CE's USB port, with an eventual backwards compatibility for CALCnet (at which point I'll open source this for porting to the monochrome calculators), using a CALCnet hub. This will allow older z80's to connect, and I'll probably have to write (or outsource the writing of) some sort of computer script to convert the CALCnet stuff into stuff the CE can read over USB. I might ask Kerm Martian if I can take a gander at his Direct USB stuff at that point.
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