Sorcery of Uvutu is a TI-84+ series RPG. It works for the TI-83+ up to the TI-84+SE, and the TI-84+CSE. CE support will likely come with Doors CE's release, although that's yet to be determined. I look forward to having it on as many systems as I can support!

Play as a young adventurer looking to save his hometown from destruction by the evil Dragon's King, Dregoh. Acquire many powerful attacks, solve the problems of the 8 locations you warp to along the way and finally defeat the menace plaguing the lands! Along the way, you will meet many friends, such as the Innkeeper, who always has room for you to stay, the Move Upgrader, J, who will strengthen the power of your moves, although for a price, and many townspeople, as you defeat the monsters plaguing them.

Attached is V1.4, which fixes a few things in the CSE version and marks the first release of the Monochrome 83+/84+ port!


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