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Soap Panic NES - English translation [NSFW]

Started by JWinslow23, June 29, 2018, 03:11:45 AM

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I figured I should put this here, because it might be lost if I don't.

This is a full English translation of the NES game Soap Panic. (Basically, it's the Japanese version of Bubble Bath Babes. Google it if you don't know what it is...but in Incognito Mode, of course.) As I cannot legally provide a download for the ROM, attached is the .ips file, which you can patch to "Soap Panic (Hacker) [f1].nes" (make sure it's the one that doesn't have half of its graphics data missing!).

Because I know you don't want to have to play the whole game to see the...*ahem* "rewards" Imgur album with each of the changed screen is right here. (Warning: NSFW.) In the cases where there is text on the bottom of the screen, they only show up on PAL or Dendy systems, because they are cut off by NTSC systems.

I simply modified the graphics (and optimized the data) of each "reward" screen. Credit goes to a user on r/translator/ for the actual translation.

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