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Messages - Dream of Omnimaga

Drawing & Animation / Some sprites by DJ Omnimaga
November 13, 2014, 12:30:47 AM
So I thought I would cross-post those sprites I posted over the years on Omni so I can also have my portfolio here. You can re-use some of them if you give me credits, but ask me first in case I am currently using them in a project, so that we can avoid having two projects using the same tileset simultaneously, for example.

Reuben & ROL3 tiles (most Reuben monsters are Final Fantasy/Lufia/Metroid/Dragon Warrior rips, recolored for my needs, though):

Illusiat 10 final boss:

Fake Metroid III screenshot (Halloween 2007 prank)

Nemesiat/Illusiat 6 xLIB Remake idea (mockup)

Another one

Nemesiat II tilesets (re-used in another project then eventually colorized:

ROL2 PC characters idea (re-used later in an RPG by juju which never got far)

Reuben PRIZM mockup

Animation near the end of Zelda: Dark Link Quest

Reuben Quest 3 title screen idea

Illusiat 13 title screens and mockups
TI-Nspire style (ASM/C):

PRIZM style:

TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition style (TI-BASIC):

Original TI-83+/84+ version:

Zelda BASIC CSE (160x240 mode)

Supersonic Ball animated tiles

Color Reuben battle sprite

Dynamic tiles example from Super Walrii Land (can be recreated 30 times a second, just to tell how fast HP PPL is)

More sprites meant for HP Prime games, but finally never used
Youtube tag has been added. But it still needs to be fixed for HTTPS support.
This is my sprite generation routine in action. You see the static tiles too in that set, which I didn't share publicly yet. But as you will notice, I can generate a wall tileset 20 times per second O.O

Oh ok. Let me know if this happens again.And I hope street, Pimath and juju starts appearing soon so they can check too.

Also the logo needs to be fixed because there's a white rectangle in it >.<
@Site theme: Yes, rectangular borders were being considered. I might use the other theme as a base because it will be hard to start from SMF Curve, but SMF Core appears to be kinda broken, so I'm still unsure yet. I might start from a different theme. I would like the main borders to be identical to the logo, although I'm still undecided on inner colors, and obviously it's possible we won't be able to do double-borders (the translucent blue thing inside the logo border, that is). I could use the color from the sig version, though.

@Tapatalk: Yes, this is a serious issue that annoys the hell out of me when I use Proboards and Omni via the browser. I would rather make the notice now pop up an alert and make the notice smaller or get rid of it entirely.

@Social login: I'll look into that, although what is guaranteed is that registering via social network will be implemented one way or another, because 99% of the new Omni members now sign up using a social network. I could always allow users to change their nicknames as they wish, but since SMF appears to lack a nick change limit, I might make it a policy to not abuse this feature. But yeah, the fact that some people will not sign up on a site unless it lets you register in one or two clicks via Facebook is how lazy the world is, today, and we have to adapt. If it wasn't for the fact that no social login feature existed for SMF 1.1.x, then Omnimaga would have gotten that feature 4 years ago.

@Logging in issues are most likely due to server misconfiguration or you probably used the quick login form on board index. Juju and Street will have to look into this (particularly juju since he did server stuff for years). I hope they are cooperative about it and that it doesn't require us switching hosting providers or worse because that's an important feature to fix if it's broken.

EDIT: First post updated with your suggestions/reports (in blue)
That reminds me, I forgot if this version of the game would use the original enemy levels or the ones from Kin Master Quest? Also I can't wait for screenshots of the new map engine and battles in action :)
List updated May 23 2016. This topic was originally used to discuss the website construction before it finally opened to public on Jan 1st 2015 and was/is/will be used to update users on minor site updates.

Major site upgrade features to add
Recent Posts:
-Recent posts feature with the same layout as regular sub-forums (like on Omnimaga) with the category and cloned locations appearing below the title next to the author
-The ability to filter the recent posts list by category (like on Lexaloffle and Flarum), one at a time and also by genre (eg dev-related) and certain tags (calcs, tutorials, etc)
-Recent posts page shows by default instead of board index, but there would be an option to switch between board index by default or vice-versa, depending of user's preference.

AJAX notification system (for those who don't use IRC nor WalrusIRC):
-Updates every 30 second
-When mentioned in a post (a (1) digit appears in the navbar and browser title bar)
-When a PM is received (a (1) digit appears in the navbar and browser title bar)
-When there are new posts on the forums  (a (1) digit appears in the navbar and browser title bar)
-When a new post is made in the currently-viewed topic (a warning appears below the list of posts in the topic)

Site navigation
-Welcome User+Avatar inside navbar, to the left
-Inbox and profile gets replaced with icons that appears next to it
-Rest of navigation moved to the center

Feature ideas (some might be scrapped if a SMF 2.1 upgrade come at the horizon)
-Add more games to the arcade, which must either be ports/remakes of calculator games or games made by our members. Having more z80/ez80-themed games would be nice, like Supersonic Ball.
-Make the Report to Moderator feature downvote posts automatically.
-Make WalrusIRC show forum and Telegram users in the online list instead of just IRC users
-Fix theme glitch when using search (green rectangle appearing besides the Logout link
-Fix all PHP errors. None causes any harm it seems, but an error-free site would definitively be much better and professional.
-Add merch store (there is one under construction but the selection is poor and I need to buy samples) <-This is scrapped until the Canadian dollar increases again. I can't afford to spend $50 for a t-shirt.

-Add flood control to and fix the directory listing.
-Get W-803, W-804, W-805 and W-807 back online and on a stable connection. We need more than 3 bots to keep the channel opped.
-Make WalrusIRC iOS-compatible. (seems like a CSS3 problem causing the textarea to be hidden in shoutbox view)
-Add a tutorials link in the site navigation
-Fix some theme issues preventing some text from being visible on mobile. For example, on the board stats page, maybe we could hide New members column or make some lists a smaller width percentage, such as 95%?
-Fix karma showing up twice below posts
-Fix display issues with upvote/downvote buttons inside locked topics for non-staff members.

Suggestions can be posted here or in this forum section. :)
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