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Add a .zip extension to the file after downloading it.
Games / Re: [ti-84+CE] Cookie Clicker CE
November 22, 2023, 02:50:43 AM
Nope, don't worry. It's just that for some reasons the file has been delinked from the original post, but is still present on the server (although it lacks an extension). The file in my post is a reupload of the original.
Games / Re: [ti-84+CE] Cookie Clicker CE
November 22, 2023, 02:45:34 AM
Games / Re: [ti-84+CE] Cookie Clicker CE
November 18, 2023, 11:11:25 PM
Here is it. For some reasons the file is on the server but got delinked from the initial post.

7 more and I can probably work on a Pokéwalrus update (assuming I'm not working on other projects)
Dream of Omnimaga, my 20th full-length album, this time filled with happy electronic power metal is now released on Bandcamp! This is also my first release under my new nickname "Dream of Omnimaga", which the album title shares.

It will be available on TIDAL , Qobuz , Apple Music and Youtube Music in the next few weeks. Although it will also be made available on Spotify I recommend using an alternate streaming platform because Spotify will stop monetizing less popular music tracks starting in 2024.
A Game Boy version is being worked on right now. It will be most likely like the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition and HP Prime versions, but obviously in 4 shades of green.

General Music Talk / Songtradr and Bandcamp rant
October 25, 2023, 02:50:02 AM
cing c! Why the c does it cing seem that whenever the c a bunch of cing awesome cers cing create a cing amazing website like Bandcamp it cing get ced by cing ced greedy companies like cing Songtradr? Holy cing c! I cing swear that those cing ced cers cing ced cing ced cers cing cing ced cers cingly while cing wiping their anus off diarrhea using cing dollar bills. I cing smashed 14 cing mice and cing keyboards after cing reading the cing news about Bandcamp. I'd rather swim in a septic tank filled with crocodiles. I'd rather eat my own c then puke it back then eat it again. I'd rather eat a rotten skunk. I'd rather watch 2girls1cup while greening out on drugs. I'd rather snort two gallons of buffalo diarrhea. c Songtradr, watch them run Bandcamp into the ground!

(This rant is not really serious. Well... it is, but without less swearing.)
On October 23rd 2014, late in the evening (or night for many of our users), discussions about the creation of a new calculator forum immediately started in private, where CodeWalrus would be eventually chosen as the name. During its first three years the forums and especially IRC/WalrusIRC chat managed to serve their purpose of recreating a former calculator community discussion environment. In mid 2017, all staff either became busy or stepped down and CodeWalrus activity declined considerably during the next three years, with the Discord server reaching an all-time low in 2020. However in recent years activity picked up again, although exclusively on Discord, and there are still people visiting to ask for calculator help.

Anyway although the forum portion is mostly dead I wanted to get rid of most gradients and change the theme a little (although it's not finished). In 2019 when we updated to SMF 2.1 RC1 I was not in a mental state to work on a custom forum theme so we ended up using the default one with only the gradient colors and the website background image replaced. It's still close to the default theme, but it should feel a little more up to date. @Yuki also updated the server config and hardware specs:

PHP 0.1 Alpha -> PHP 2.0
CPU: 1x CPU 15 MHz -> 2x CPU 400 MHz
RAM: 32 KB    -> 32 MB
Disk space: 30 GB -> 50 GB
Monthly bandwidth: 128 KB -> 132 KB

I also cleaned up useless junk on the hosting panel (mainly two outdated snapshots of the server) so this will reduce future hosting bills after the next one a little.

As for calculator projects there are various plans as well as a few projects in the works, like Pokéwalrus Pink Version and an HP Prime port that is planned but not a lot of coding has been done in the latter yet. Be sure to check out our Discord server in case there would be some cool stuff happening! :walrii:
Games / Re: [HP Prime] Supersonic Ball HP
October 23, 2023, 04:35:29 AM
Version 1.01 is now released! It fixes the highscore resetting back to zero everytime you open the game's code by accident:

Three new ones added
I'm glad this is still maintained and that CX II support is gradually being added. I wonder how feasible it would be to have a Chromebook version? I would never use it but I notice that in USA many students have those abominations now and they often have troubles with the existing connectivity tools.
I finally updated the first post with the new walruses. The ToxicWalrii gas mask one is by average nspire enjoyer:
Randomness / Re: Walrii storytelling!
September 10, 2023, 01:16:45 AM
Walrii came from the aftermath of a second mankind apocalypse where everything mutated into walruses after nuclear war broke out between the survivors of the first apocalypse.
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