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I forgot how to tag. This is my very first assembly program that I worked on. Huge props on Zeda and Runer for helping me out in times of need (which is, I proudly say, a lot).

What does this program do?

This program generates the textbox that can be easily seen in RPG games.

What is this program capable of?

This program can make a textbox with location and size you provide, as long as you meet the criteria (96 x 64 pixels. That's how big your calculator screen is).

The text will auto-advance to the next line and even next page if your text goes over the box. (Default is [2nd] for next page) Nifty, eh?

But that's not all! You can also make the text advance twice as fast by holding a designated key! (Default is [ALPHA] key.)

Finally, during any time, you can press [ON] to force-quit the program.

How do I use it?

First, this program requires your text to be stored in Str1. It will accept any letters (even lowercase if you can type it) or tokens (such as sin( ).

There are exceptions, however. This program won't display the following tokens: E,-1, 2 , o, and r. The reason is because they allow this program to do special things if you include them in your text.

  • E: set the text delay to normal.
  • -1: set the text delay to 2x (This means slower. More delay = slower text).
  • 2: set the text delay to 4x.
  • o: Force next line.
  • r: Force next page.

After you store your string, you can execute the program by running this:

{x_loc, y_loc, width, height:Asm(prgmRTEXT

x_loc and y_loc is where the top left boundary of your textbox will be.
width and height are, well, width and height of your textbox.

So if you want the textbox to fill up the whole screen, you'll do:


If you want more control over which key does which, you can also do this:

{x_loc, y_loc, width, height, NextPageKey, SkipKey:Asm(prgmRTEXT

As default, the NextPageKey will be [2nd] and SkipKey will be [ALPHA].

The NextPageKey and SkipKey used does NOT take the value from TI-BASIC getKey!
It uses the keyvalue that Axe or Grammer uses.

Use the values from the second image of this webpage instead.

Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT use 41 ([ON]) in any of the keys! If you do and something happens to your calculator, I am not responsible.
Gaming / Old Calculator Games
January 21, 2016, 07:47:13 AM
Inb4 there's a thread about this too and I'm too blind to find it

These are few calculator games I really liked back then.

1. Dying Eyes

Oh man the classic. I remember sitting in my house playing this on my calc for a while. I usually goes melee but one time I did a int build and learned doom it was awesome. And I liked how it has two endings.

2. Nightblade

The guy who reviewed it in ticalc gave it some salty scores but i think the game was great even with its 6x6 graphic the reviewer whined about :P
Multiple storypaths? Weapons? Difficulty? All great, once you get past the 999999999 miss battles early game.

3. The Verdant Forest

My God this game. Me and my brother played this at least 50 times and I basically had a whole game memorized. 7 chapters, awesome graphic, decent story, and all the stuffs. The game was not perfect and had some glitches (infinite magic shiver level up chapter 3 lalalala) but it's still one of the best rp game for a calc and you should try if you haven't. You won't be disappointed. (P.S. do not feed soulstone to david. Even though it is tempting.)

4. Harvest moon

Best harvest moon port for calc. That's all I can say.

5. Mark the super kid

The app one. I liked the game too especially its unique battle engine. Some skills were outright broken but hey it's a calc game and we all love broken attacks.

I'll write up more as I think of it. What is your favorite/recommendation?
The best way to learn something is to try it, so here it is.

The progress will be slow as I'm basically learning stuff as I program, and I don't have much time as I used to have back then.

So here it is. This is the game I'll stick with as I learn Axe. I'll probably ask a lot of questions as I progress, so answers will always be appreciated.


The lord of evil, in order to conquer the world, has landed a nasty curse upon a land.
The curse reset everyone's level other than his back to 1, the lowest level possible, and prevent them from leveling up past level 1.
With no more strong heroes left to defeat the lord of evil, the world quickly fell into chaos.
Our hero's village has been recently ransacked by a group of bandits. However, unable to level up anymore, our hero was constantly defeated by the bandits, who pledged to the lord of evil and gained 10 levels.
Our hero, unwilling to give up, decides to find the way to defeat the enemies whose levels are much higher than his...

This will be an RPG game, but unlike traditional RPG, it will feature a special game mechanic, since, well, you can't level up at all.

So far, I only got the title picture done, and I'm already stuck.

Here it is, the grand progress of my project so far!

.LEVELONE The main program

Fix 4


Repeat getKey
Text(6,36,"PRESS 2ND TO START")

Fix 5

This is what the program does.

I understand why the text is grey, but why is the text being cut off?
Games / [ti-83+/84+]Silence [hybrid basic][Axe]
January 12, 2016, 01:04:51 AM
Silence is a point-and-click game designed for TI-84+SE. (You can play it on 83+ as well but it's gonna take half of the space :P)
It's a game I made in 2011 and posted in and I'm uploading here with some minor fixes.


Warning: This game contains a huge amount of archive data (52k+ worth of data) and about a good amount of RAM.
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