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Hello there!
This time I propose you Connect4  I programmed this afternoon.

It's written in TI-Basic and include an AI, yes you'll have to play against the TI !
I've optimised the program in order not to be sooooo slooooow (I achieved 3 seconds for the TI to think & play)
Will you succeed ?..
Have fun  ;D

EDIT: the game has been renamed "Connect4" & now contains english sentences ;)
Calculator Development / Puzzle15 for TI-nspire CX (cas)
February 20, 2017, 05:12:35 PM
Hi everyone!

I'm glad to propose you my very first 100% ARM assembly game : ➜ Puzzle15 (Ndless required)

(thx to Vogtinator for the video capture from Firebird Ti-nspire emulator ;) )

Here are the keys :
- [2], [8], [4] and [6] to move a bloc ;
- [shift] to mix automatically the puzzle ...any key to stop (I'm fond of  the animation!)
- NEW : [tab] to select an image amongst 15 availables
- [esc] to leave the game.

It runs on TI-nspire CX (cas), so please don't try to run it on classic monochrome TI-nspire models (or it will crash)

Voilà! I hope you have fun !
Hello there!!

While on chat, PT_ and I thought about a way to clear screen of a TI83PCE/TI84+CE as fast as possible! (in 8bpp mode)

Here's the result :

        ld      de,$555555      ; will write byte 85 (= blue color)
        or      a
        sbc     hl,hl
        ld      b,217
        add     hl,sp           ; saves SP in HL
        ld      sp,vram+76818   ; for best optimisation , we'll write 18 extra bytes
ClrLp:  .fill 118,$d5           ;       = 118 * "PUSH DE"
        djnz    ClrLp           ; during 217 times
        ld      sp,hl           ; restore SP

16+4+8+8+4+4+16+217*(118*10+13)-5+4+4=258944 States !!!  ;D
(the classic LDIR takes about 537600 states)

Imagine this routine relocated in the faster memory-area $e30800 !!! (faster again !!)

** EDIT **

A little faster !

        ld      de,$555555      ; will write byte 85 (= blue color)
        or      a
        sbc     hl,hl
        ld      b,213
        add     hl,sp           ; saves SP in HL
        ld      sp,vram+76800   ; as a PUSH is decreasing SP, begin at end of 8bpp mode physical screen
ClrLp:  .fill 120,$d5           ;       = 120 * "PUSH DE"
        djnz    ClrLp           ; during 213 times
        .fill 40,$d5            ; 40 * "PUSH DE"
        ld      sp,hl           ; restore SP

16+4+8+8+4+4+16+213*(120*10+13)-5+40*10+4+4 = 258832 States =D
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