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Why i was inactive...

Started by gameblabla, July 03, 2017, 01:41:00 AM

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Hello guys,
Unfortunately my hard drive crashed and i lost some of my closed-source stuff. (the 3DO's Compilation's source code, the blog x_x etc...)
However, most of my codewalrus is not affected because, i made the code source available on my github. (thankfully)
I also had backup'd my passwords a week before that happened... so all good.
My game progress in Duel Links is also not lost :D

But the closed-source stuff i lost is really annoying and my ext4 partition got corrupted.
What to do? I have not enough space to save my entire partition.

Plus, i don't know what my next game should be like...

Anyway, you probably don't care.  D:
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Try TestDisk, probably. Might work.
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Poem for you:

If it's there,
we'll always care.

Also isn't this like the second time your hard drive crashed? lol.
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This is even better:

If it was there
we'll always care
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QuoteTry TestDisk, probably. Might work.
I could try testdisk. However, my last attempt with it was unsuccessful and led to nothing x_x
It also did not help that i have encrypted my home partition.

Also, thank you guys for your support  :D
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Aw man, dude

Hope you reignite yourself to remember your progress that you did like @Pieman7373  did.

Wish you luck!  :thumbsup:
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Quote from: Juju on July 03, 2017, 02:55:33 AM
Try TestDisk, probably. Might work.
Sounds like you guys should give Testdisk a try on your own server now huhuhu

but dont take it srsly, i still love you :D
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