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Huawei no longer allows unlocking the bootloader

Started by gameblabla, June 08, 2018, 09:02:13 PM

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Huawei stopped allowing unlocking the bootloader for devices released after May 24.
As for devices before that date, well they'll stop unlocking the bootloader 60 days after May 24.

It's unknown why Huawei would decide to do this, as devices like the Honor 10 were constantly advertised and recommended on XDA as Custom ROM friendly devices.
Looks like it's about to change now however...
Huawei was also accused of spying for the Commies by the US Gov and that ultimately resulted in them not selling devices there anymore.

My bro actually bought one of their phones and thankfully i unlocked it and installed Android 7.1 on it (LineageOS) rather than the Android 5 it was stuck with.
Of course, he told me he wasn't going to buy their devices anymore after learning this.

So yeah, i guess you can add to your blacklist of devices not to buy Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, any locked phones etc...
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Well c. Putting a custom ROM on mine was a pain already, let alone rooting them.

I really need a new phone, any cheap brand you can recommend?
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Quote from: Juju on June 08, 2018, 09:37:22 PM
I really need a new phone, any cheap brand you can recommend?
When looking for a new device, it's best to look at LineageOS's official list of supported devices :

I think as far cheap brands are concerned, you can't really beat Xiaomi, even though their official ROMs are full of spyware & malware.
I wouldn't recommend their brand-new models as they are fairly slow at releasing kernel source. Seems like the Redmi Note 4 is a good bet as far low end devices are concerned.
Seems like it's fairly expensive on Amazon Canada for some reasons :/

LeEco, even though the company is in a unfortunate state, has official LineageOS and has a good quality price too.
ASUS is also fairly friendly too, so is BQ if you can find them in your country.
If you find old Wileyfox around, it's a good alternative too, as those devices were actually using Cyanogen and too have LineageOS support.
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Caleb Hansberry

What about HTC? I've always bought HTC, since HTC HD7, HTC Incredible, HTC 8X, HTC M8, and now considering getting the HTC 10 if I can root it...
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In Canada, it's now illegal for mobile service providers to refuse to unlock a phone for free if the custom requests unlocking. This applies to sim cards for the most part, but I wonder if that also applies to the ability to load custom ROMs on your phone? Because then that would probably mean that Huawei will be forced to exit Canada or be forced to comply.
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