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E-whoring on

Started by gameblabla, November 28, 2016, 11:41:52 PM

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Does anyone know ?
It's a board where some hackers/crackers/script kiddies... talk about hacking, computers and security in general.

It needs to mentioned but the website itself is an impenetrable fortress.
Even if you do not use a proxy, your ip was most likely used at some point by the previous owners and banned.
Hackforums do not lift bans on ip addresses and even entire countries are banned from using hackforums.
Visitors also cannot read topics... they must register for that.
I eventually found a way to enter the website without leaking my ip tho.

Hackforums has a small section about "E-Whoring" in the "Beginner" section.
And there's also a hacking section where some people can make some requests to design a website or even hack/deface one.
But the "E-whoring" section got me curious and i wanted to see how it looks like.

E-Whoring is the practice of someone passing off as a girl and trying to extort money from men.
They do so by using a "fake" cam with pre-recorded videos,(most likely stolen by ratting computers or simply by manipulating girls online)
and using chat software.
The chat software they use are Skype, Kik and (rarely) Snapchat.
As for the "fake" cam, they either use Flash files or they can use something like v4l2loopback to create a virtual cam
and do whatever they want with it.

Here's how the "E-whoring" section looks like :

As you can see, some members are trying to sell "packs" which contain videos, pictures... of girls.
The "packs" can then be used to set up fake websites with ads/surveys, e-whoring on chats... you get the idea.
Some of them even post their earnings on Paypal and provide tips on how to e-whore.

You know what's funny ?
The rules clearly state they forbid talking about extortion of money and violating the Paypal TOS.
But how can they talk about earning money when e-whoring without extorting money ? Exactly...
They just don't want them to talk about it openly.

I googled image-searched some "packs" and i was already able to find some fake websites.

So if you ever wondered how this works then now you know.
Of course, it's not the only website that does that and i'm only scratching the surface.
There are topics where you can buy e-books to earn "easy" money and more...

Also, most members will not deal with you unless you are l33t or have a high rep.
And to become l33t, you need to upgrade your account by paying 18$ in BTC...
Yes, Bitcoins.

(and now someone is probably trying to doxx me or codewalrus)
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Dream of Omnimaga

Lol, to be honest, the first thing I wondered when you talked about this website is if the site design was black, and I was right it seems, when I saw your screenshot. For some reasons, that's common among hack-related sites. :P

Anyway the cam thing is something I noticed in many scam ads with hot girls or whatever. I think those were on most ROM sharing sites.
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I guess it's the same with 99% of those pay-to-watch c sites as they all got the exact same video preview pics all over their sites. I sometimes wonder if they even got any vids at all or just those preview pics... <_<
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