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ToaruOS - Unix-like "hobby" operating system

Started by gameblabla, November 08, 2016, 09:06:10 PM

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I just discovered this operating system thanks to Phoronix, who reported it was still alive and kicking.
@Juju, that's your stuff, bring the condoms and some anime geurls !

ToaruOS is a unix-like operating system with its own kernel and mostly it's own userspace.
Right now, it supports only the framebuffer, the AC97, ext2, the RTL9138 and i think that's it.
Despite being in a very alpha form, it looks surprisingly good.

The login screen looks like a minimalist version of lightdm.

The UI looks a bit like MATE (or GNOME 2) and while it looks quite nice,
there's not much you can do with it.
The Application list is stored in a file called "menu.desktop" in /etc, look.
cairo-demo,cairo-demo,Cairo Demo
julia,julia,Julia Fractals
teapot,teapot,GL Teapot

The OS also seems to be obsessed with things like window rotations and window transparency.
I'm not sure why but those are things you don't commonly see in traditional oses.

As far as applications are concerned, we have :

  • A software OpenGL renderer via Mesa
  • A decent terminal
  • A port of libSDL 1.2, with sound support. Quake and Doom were ported thanks to it !
  • Lua, Python...
  • Cairo, which is also used by the compositor.
  • A video player was also released but i had not tested that yet.
  • An old version of Snes9x

And that's pretty much to it. There's not even a file manager available, for god's sake.
As it is now, it's more primitive than KolibriOS but on the other hand, it's also much easier to develop for it.
But it's light years ahead of operating systems like HelenOS, because at least you can develop some graphical games/apps.
Kevin Lange plans to port Netsurf so we can some at least a decent browser for it as well as GTK and Glib so he could port some desktop apps to it.

I can't imagine myself using this operating system and being stuck on a remote island without crying...

I ported Helicopters, one of my games, just to show you how easy you can port games to it.

Maybe in the future i will talk about KolibriOS or SyllableOS...
But what do you think of ToaruOS ? There's a live cd available here :

It works with QEMU (-vga std -m 512 -enable-kvm -soundhw ac97 -net user -net nic,model=rtl8139) and VirtualBox.
Also the user and the password is local
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Ah yeah, heard of it. I think it's pretty much a research project for the guy who made this, based on UNIX and stuff, but written from scratch. Also same guy who made a pretty popular console implementation of Nyan Cat and made a pony version of ToaruOS dubbed PonyOS as an elaborate April's Fools joke.

Anyway, it looks pretty cool.
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Dream of Omnimaga

Looks nice, but I certainly hope that this is not the max resolution O.O
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QuoteAlso same guy who made a pretty popular console implementation of Nyan Cat
Funny enough, i discovered that right after ToaruOS.
And the same Nyan Cat console implementation was originally designed for ToaruOS actually, it works on it.
He also made a terminal version of 2048.

Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on November 08, 2016, 09:50:44 PM
Looks nice, but I certainly hope that this is not the max resolution O.O
No lol, it's capable of 1080p but i had to reduce it because the resolution was TOO DAMN HIGH.
'cause the rent is too damn high
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Quote from: c4ooo on November 08, 2016, 10:12:12 PM
Needs more JVM :P
dayum, you really want to see MAH JAVA everywhere, do you ?
I bet you fap to that :

Ah but wait... it has bits of C ? lol
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