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I just contacted the developer of the game, Xavier Andreani. Hopefully he can help me out.
Hi, thanks for your reply. I believe the reason that there are no search results, is that the pc version of androides is only ten levels long, while the version for the graphical calculator has a lot more. And the calculator game is not the most popular thing out there.

I saw somebody in a youtube comment also saying that he got stuck on level 15, and that he also thinks the level is impossible. But on this thread, somebody said he was stuck on level 23. That means level 15 is possible but how?

I need to get in contact with someone who knows about the game, and also knows how to do level 15.
I am currently stuck at level 15 and I think that that level is impossible. Can someone give me a walkthrough, or does anybody know where I can find a walkthrough? I play it on the TI-84 Plus CE-t calculator.
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