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(NSFW) Western Ideals : Very last Pebble game released

Started by gameblabla, April 30, 2018, 02:51:28 AM

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This one took me a while to get it done.
Originally i wanted it to be longer but i was lacking time and Fitbit will close Pebble's servers in a month so i kind of had to rush it...

Western Ideals is a game about your love for Bakaka but also in a somewhat dystopian future...
Go on a journey with him and witness dramatic events !

Unlike my previous game Forbidden Love, it's less focused on sex...
However you will still be rewarded with you know what :P

I also made sure to add multiple branching paths and several game overs as well as one minigame.
In all this shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes grand max. (Several runs)

The game works on the Pebble 1 (with latest firmware), Pebble 2 and Pebble Time.
However, it is best played on the Pebble time (or the qemu emulator, your choice).

The version on the Pebble store is uncensored. However, it will soon be taken down...
Pebble store
Pbw file

And the source code is available here :

See the post below for video. (full of spoilers obviously, do so only if you can't play it on QEMU or real deal)
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Here's a play-through of the bad ending route. (there's a shorter, another one too)

This route has no naughty bits... Well apart from white flashes.
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Dibs, i was forced to remove the app due to an issue with UUID being shared with another app.
I have updated the link and it is now found at :

I would take to take this moment to say that it was great while it lasted.
Officially, the pebble servers will shut down and switch to Rebble's ones instead.
Fitbit was fantastic with the community, even though they decided not to pursue making more pebbles.
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