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Omega for Numworks

I present to you a project that we have been working on for almost a year with, among others: MixedMatched, RedGl0w, boricj, M4x1m3, 0b101, zardam, LeGmask, Gegenter, citorva and PyJaC++, as well as a team of 8 beta testers.
This project is open-source, called Omega and aims to greatly improve Epsilon, the firmware present by default on Numworks calculators.

Omega adds :

  • An RPN app (by boricj)

  • A periodic table app (by M4x1m3)

  • Symbolic computation

  • A theming engine, highly customizable (JSON+PNG)

    Here are 2 examples of themes

  • External (by zardam) : a way to install new applications on the fly

    There are 4 apps : KhiCAS, Nofrendo, Peanut-GB and Periodic. Note that Periodic is the same app as Atom, already installed on Omega by default. These apps can be installed on

  • Molar masses (chemistry)

  • Physics constants

  • Your name can be displayed in the settings

    Note: your name cannot be changed until you reinstall Omega. To change it, use `USERNAME='Your name'` during installation. See

  • More steps for brightness (16 instead of 5)

  • Choosing the multiplication sign

  • Accessibility settings

  • Compact display


The complete changelog can be found here :

You can try it online on

The installation can be done in a couple of seconds here :
Or can be done manually from source here (or here

The source code can be found here : and our team here

You can come talk with us on our Discord if you have suggestions or issues with the installation :

Hope you enjoy!

NumWorks is a registered trademark. Omega is not affiliated with NumWorks.

The Omega Team
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