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Omega 1.20.2 & 1.20.3

Hello! The Omega Android Application is now available on Google Play, and it saves your scripts (compared to the Numworks app).


  • New: Persistence of scripts for the simulator
  • New: OS module documented in the toolbox
  • Change: The \ @ Ω µ keys are displayed on the simulator's keyboard
  • Change: Constants based on the CODATA 2018
  • Change: Visual keyboard only change state on keydown
To update :

Google Play link:

The Omega Team
    Omega 1.20.1

    Hello ! Here is the Omega 1.20 update at last! It is based on version 14.4.1 of Epsilon.

    Hello! Yesterday we released Omega update 1.20.0 (new constants, new units, an open function for Python, community themes, new shortcuts, and much more to discover in the changelog above). We also have released a multi-script python project editor (beta) on our new website. Today we bring you Omega 1.20.1 with the following changes:


    • New: "os" module for Python (uname, listdir, remove, rename)
    • Fix: A crash when using the open function in "append" mode on a new file
    • Change: Color of the fractal of

    To update and find the new script editor:

    The Omega Team.[/list][/list]
      Omega 1.20

      Hello ! Here is the Omega 1.20 update at last! It is based on version 14.4.1 of Epsilon.

      Two big things: Omega 1.20 first, where we give you new constants, new units, an open function for Python, community themes, new shortcuts, and much more to discover in the changelog below. below.

      But in addition to that, we present to you the new Omega site (with translations fr/en/de/it), equipped among other things with an alternative to the Numworks Workshop, which will not confuse the regulars of Visual Studio Code :) We still have a lot to do on it, but we already wanted to give you access to this 100% functional beta!

      Here are the main new features of Omega 1.20, available now:


      • Update to Epsilon 14.4.1
      • 67 new constants
      • 3DS simulator support
      • External applications are displayed directly on the home screen.
      • Support for the "open" function and the resulting object functions (see documentation here: and here https: //
      • Physical constants now use Epsilon units
      • The unnecessary "undef" result of symbolic calculations has been removed. Now, a symbolic calculation returns only the desired result.
      • Display of the weight of a script in the parameters of a script
      • Now anyone can create a GitHub Repo containing their Omega themes (colors and icons), and the THEME_REPO="" and THEME_NAME="" compilation flags will automatically download the desired community theme.
      • The SHIFT + HOME shortcut immediately opens the calculation application from anywhere. (note: in reality it is not the calculation app but the first application of the home screen. But in our precompiled versions the first app is always the calculation application).
      • In Parameters> Math> Expression format, it is now possible to modify the default behavior of "log" and "sqrt"
      • Shortcut: ALPHA + x10 ^ x gives a backslash
      • Shortcut: ALPHA + ANS gives an @
      • Shortcut: SHIFT + 7 gives µ
      • Shortcut: SHIFT + 9 gives Ω
      • The web simulator wallpaper has been adapted to the Omega image.
      • The simulators have been renamed (Epsilon -> Omega)
      • Support for RGB icons without alpha channel for third-party themes.
      • New units (this feature has been "broken" by Epsilon 14, it will be fixed for final release)

      Regarding the website:
      • Possibility to choose the language (French/German/English/Italian).
      • Omega simulator now integrated into the site
      • Omega IDE (BETA): this is the Omega Workshop-like, which saves scripts on GitHub Gist. Possibility to test (simulator integrated into the IDE) and possibility to transfer the scripts to the calculator. The big advantage of the IDE is that it works by "Project" and not by "Script". Thus, a project can contain several scripts. We hope this will help you with your bigger Python projects.
      • Added download of 3DS simulator
      • Big improvement in design
      • Google Chrome only: Ability to receive notifications when an update is available.
      You can now install Omega 1.20 on your Numworks n0100 or n0110 directly here:

      You can also install Omega yourself by following the steps described here: (or on

      If you find bugs, never hesitate to report them to us! : wat: (either here, or on GitHub, or on our Discord server

      A big thank you to the rest of the Omega team and everyone who contributes from near and far. Thanks also to you for being more and more numerous to use Omega!

      Good fun!

      The Omega Team. [/list][/list]
      Omega for Numworks

      I present to you a project that we have been working on for almost a year with, among others: MixedMatched, RedGl0w, boricj, M4x1m3, 0b101, zardam, LeGmask, Gegenter, citorva and PyJaC++, as well as a team of 8 beta testers.
      This project is open-source, called Omega and aims to greatly improve Epsilon, the firmware present by default on Numworks calculators.

      Omega adds :

      • An RPN app (by boricj)

      • A periodic table app (by M4x1m3)

      • Symbolic computation

      • A theming engine, highly customizable (JSON+PNG)

        Here are 2 examples of themes

      • External (by zardam) : a way to install new applications on the fly

        There are 4 apps : KhiCAS, Nofrendo, Peanut-GB and Periodic. Note that Periodic is the same app as Atom, already installed on Omega by default. These apps can be installed on

      • Molar masses (chemistry)

      • Physics constants

      • Your name can be displayed in the settings

        Note: your name cannot be changed until you reinstall Omega. To change it, use `USERNAME='Your name'` during installation. See

      • More steps for brightness (16 instead of 5)

      • Choosing the multiplication sign

      • Accessibility settings

      • Compact display

      • AND MORE!

      The complete changelog can be found here :

      You can try it online on

      The installation can be done in a couple of seconds here :
      Or can be done manually from source here (or here

      The source code can be found here : and our team here

      You can come talk with us on our Discord if you have suggestions or issues with the installation :

      Hope you enjoy!

      NumWorks is a registered trademark. Omega is not affiliated with NumWorks.

      The Omega Team
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